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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Avril 2010

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Duke Nukem 3DiPadMachine Works Northwest01/04/10
Dungeon HunteriPadGameloft01/04/10
Full AcePCWhippering01/04/10
Heavy Rain Chronicles - Chapitre 1 : Le TaxidermistePS3SCE01/04/10
Plantes Vs ZombiesiPadPopCap01/04/10
Small World for iPadiPadDays of Wonder01/04/10
Supreme Commander 2X360Square Enix01/04/10
UNO HDiPadGameloft01/04/10
WormsiPadTeam 1701/04/10
BlazBlue : Calamity TriggerPS3, X360PQube02/04/10
Dead or Alive : ParadisePSPTecmo02/04/10
Les Sims 3 : Destination AventureiPhoneE.A.02/04/10
Sam & Max Saison 3 : The Devil's PlayhouseiPadTelltale02/04/10
Super Mario KartWiiNintendo02/04/10
Tiger Woods PGA Tour OnlinePCE.A.05/04/10
Boss RushPCPaper Dino Software06/04/10
Mass Effect 2 : Kasumi - La mémoire voléeX360, PCE.A.06/04/10
Sakura Wars : So Long my LoveWiiNIS America08/04/10
Alpha BounceDSiMad Monkey Studio09/04/10
Naruto Shippuden : Clash of the Ninja Revolution 3Wii8ing09/04/10
Rune Factory FrontierWiiRising Star09/04/10
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 : Reverse of ArcadiaDSKonami09/04/10
Zombie Panic in WonderlandWiiMarvelous09/04/10
Espgaluda IIiPhonen/c10/04/10
Grand FantasiaPCAeria Games13/04/10
Final Fight : Double ImpactX360, PS3Capcom14/04/10
Out of Galaxy Ginga no KoshikaWiiSunsoft14/04/10 
Beat HazardPC, X360Cold Beam Games15/04/10
No More Heroes : Heroes' ParadiseX360Marvelous15/04/10 
Sam & Max Saison 3 - Episode 1 : La Zone PénalePC, iPad, MacTelltale15/04/10
Sam & Max Saison 3 : The Devil's PlayhousePC, PS3Telltale15/04/10
Section 8PS3Southpeak15/04/10
Splinter Cell : ConvictionX360Ubisoft15/04/10
Grand Theft Auto : Episodes from Liberty CityPS3, PCTake-Two16/04/10
Grand Theft Auto IV : The Ballad of Gay TonyPC, PS3Take-Two16/04/10
Grand Theft Auto IV : The Lost and DamnedPC, PS3Rockstar Games16/04/10
Saving Private SheepiPhoneBulkypix16/04/10
All-Star KarateWiiTHQ20/04/10
Chaos RingsiPad, iPhoneSquare Enix20/04/10
Les Mésaventures de P.B. WinterbottomPCTake-Two20/04/10
Lord of UltimaPCE.A.20/04/10 
Sonic the Hedgehog 2iPhone, AndroidSega20/04/10
After Burner ClimaxX360Sega21/04/10
After Burner ClimaxPS3Sega22/04/10
Ketsui : Kizuna Jigoku Tachi ExtraX360Cave22/04/10 
Left 4 Dead 2 : The PassingPC, X360E.A.22/04/10
Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!PSP, PS3Mediatonic22/04/10
NieR RepliCantPS3Square Enix22/04/10 
UNO HDPSPGameloft22/04/10
Dead to Rights : RetributionX360, PS3Namco Bandai23/04/10
Earthworm JimDSiGameloft23/04/10
Monster Hunter TriWiiCapcom23/04/10
NieRX360, PS3Square Enix23/04/10
Atlantica OnlinePCNDoors Corporation27/04/10
Fruit NinjaiPhone, iPadHalfbrick27/04/10
God of War CollectionPS3SCE28/04/10
Serious Sam HD : The Second EncounterPCCDV28/04/10
Coupe du Monde de la FIFA - Afrique du Sud 2010PS3, PS3, X360, X360, PSP, PSP, Wii, WiiEA Sports,E.A.29/04/10
Runaway : A Twist of FateDSFocus29/04/10
Splinter Cell : ConvictionPCUbisoft29/04/10
DodoGo !DSi, DSiAlien After All,Neko Entertainment30/04/10
Iron Man 2PS3, X360, DS, PSP, WiiSega30/04/10
Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesiPhoneFreeverse04/2010 
Super Street Fighter IVPS3, X360Capcom30/04/10
Wario Ware D.I.Y.DSNintendo30/04/10
Wario Ware Do It Yourself ShowcaseWiiNintendo30/04/10