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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Décembre 2019

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Arise : A Simple StoryPS4, XB1, PCTechland03/12/19
Blair WitchPS4Lionsgate Games03/12/19
Halo : The Master Chief CollectionPCMicrosoft03/12/19
Life is Strange 2PC, PS4, XB1Square Enix03/12/19
Life is Strange 2 - Episode 5 : WolvesPS4, PC, XB1Square Enix03/12/19
Phoenix PointPC, XB1, MacSnapshot Games03/12/19
SaGa : Scarlet GraceiPad, iPhone, PS4, PC, Android, Switch, XB1Square Enix03/12/19
Alien IsolationSwitchSega05/12/19
Conan Exiles : Riders of Hyboria PackPC, XB1, PS4Funcom05/12/19
Darksiders GenesisPC, STADIANordic Games05/12/19
MosaicPC, MacKrillbite Studio05/12/19
Star Ocean First Departure RPS4Square Enix05/12/19
Ancestors : The Humankind OdysseyPS4, XB1Private Division06/12/19
Assassin's Creed : The Rebel CollectionSwitchUbisoft06/12/19
Breathing FearSwitchDrageus Games06/12/19
Bakutsuri HuntersSwitchBandai Namco07/12/19 
AshenPS4, SwitchMicrosoft09/12/19
Call of Juarez : GunslingerSwitchTechland10/12/19
DauntlessSwitchPhoenix Labs10/12/19
Dragon Quest Builders 2PCSquare Enix10/12/19
FujiiPS VRFunktronic Labs10/12/19
Hearthstone : Descent of DragonsPC, iPhone, Mac, AndroidBlizzard10/12/19
Jurassic World Evolution : Retour à Jurassic ParkPC, PS4, XB1Frontier Developments10/12/19
Shovel Knight : King of CardsSwitch, PS4, XB1, PC, New 3DS, Mac, WiiU, PSV, PS3Yacht Club Games10/12/19
Shovel Knight ShowdownSwitch, PS4, PC, XB1, Mac, WiiU, PS3Yacht Club Games10/12/19
Stardust OdysseyPS VRAgharta Studio10/12/19
The Talos PrincipleSwitchDevolver Digital10/12/19
Anno 1800 : Le PassagePCUbisoft11/12/19
Transport Fever 2PCGood Shepherd11/12/19
Detroit : Become HumanPCSCE12/12/19
Sayonara Wild HeartsPCAnnapurna Interactive12/12/19
Family Tennis SPSwitchArc System16/12/19
Batman : The Telltale Series - Shadows EditionPC, XB1Athlon Games17/12/19
Borderlands 3STADIA2K Games17/12/19
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2STADIABandai Namco17/12/19
Planet Zoo : Pack ArctiquePCFrontier Developments17/12/19
Potata : Fairy FlowerPC, PS4, XB1Potata Company17/12/19
Untitled Goose GamePS4House House17/12/19
WattamPS4, PCAnnapurna Interactive17/12/19
Ghost Recon : BreakpointSTADIAUbisoft18/12/19
Borderlands 3 : Le Casse du Beau JackpotPS4, PC, XB12K Games19/12/19
Gensou SkyDriftSwitch, PS4Unties19/12/19
Among TreesPCFJRD Interactive2019
Assassin's Creed III : Liberation CollectionPC, PS4, XB1, SwitchUbisoft2019
Astalon : Tears of the EarthPC, XB1, PS4, SwitchDangen2019
ATLASPC, XB1Grapeshot Games2019
AudicaPS VRHarmonix2019
AVICII InvectorPC, PS4, XB1, SwitchWired Productions2019
AWAY : The Survival SeriesPC, PS4Breaking Walls2019
Batman : The Telltale Series - Shadows EditionPS4, SwitchAthlon Games2019
Battle Princess MadelynPSV, WiiUHound Picked Games2019
BewarePCOndrej Svadlena2019
Black Future '88PC, SwitchGood Shepherd2019
Castle Crashers RemasteredPS4The Behemoth2019
Castlevania : Grimoire of SoulsiPad, iPhone, AndroidKonami2019
CatherinePC, PCSega,Atlus2019
ChernobylitePC, PS4, XB1The Farm 512019
Command & Conquer : RemasteredPCE.A.2019
CreaksPCAmanita Design2019
Dead by Daylight MobileiPhone, AndroidStarbreeze2019
Deltarune : Chapter 1PS4Toby Fox2019
Divinity : Fallen Heroesn/cLarian Studios2019
Dragon Age (titre non-définitif)PCEA Games2019
Dragon Quest WalkiPhone, Android, iPadSquare Enix2019 
eFootball PES 2020PCKonami2019
EvotinctionPS4Sony IE2019
FaelandPCSquare Enix2019
Fantastic FoetusWeb2019
Fields of History : The Great WarPCWolferos2019
Final Fantasy XV Episode Side Story : Aranea - The Beginning of the EndPCSquare Enix2019
Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVEiPhone, AndroidSega2019
Flappy RoyaleiPhone, AndroidEm Lazer-Walker2019
Forgotton AnneSwitch, SwitchThroughLine Games,Square Enix2019
Frankenstein : Birth of a MythPC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, AndroidArte France2019
Frankenstein and the WandererPC, iPad, iPhone, Mac, AndroidArte France2019
FrostpunkPS4, XB111 bit studios2019
Funko Pop! BlitzAndroid, iPhoneUniversal Studios2019
Gears POP!iPhone, iPad, AndroidMicrosoft2019
Giraffe and AnnikaSwitch, PC, PS4Unties2019
Groundhog Day : Like Father Like SonPS VR, HTC Vive, OculusSony Pictures2019
GunGrave G.O.R.E.PS4Red EntertainmentT4 2019 
Gwent : The Witcher Card GameAndroidCDPR2019
HardcorePS4, PSVStrictly Limited2019
Harold HalibutPC, PS4, XB1Slow Bros.2019
Hearthstone BattlegroundsPCBlizzard2019
Hollow Knight : SilksongSwitch, PC, MacTeam Cherry2019
Imperator : RomePCParadox Interactive2019
In The Valley of GodsPS4, PC, XB12019
Inazuma Eleven : Scales of AresSwitch, PS4, iPhoneLevel-52019
IndivisibleSwitchT4 2019
Ion FuryPS4, XB1, Switch3D Realms2019
Iron HarvestPC, PS4, XB1King Art2019
Kill la Kill - IFPS4, PS4, PC, PC, Switch, SwitchArc System,PQube2019
Knights of LightPCRumbling Games2019
La Grande Aventure LEGO 2 - Le Jeu VidéoPS4, XB1, Switch, PCWarner Bros.2019
Le ResponsableAndroidKiro'o Games2019
Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1 : RoadsMacSquare Enix2019
Lone Echo IIOculus, PCReady at Dawn Studios2019
Mineko's Night MarketPC, Mac, SwitchMeowza Games2019
Monkey King : Hero Is BackPS4Oasis Games2019
MutazionePS4, PC, MacDie gute Fabrik2019
NinjalaSwitchGungHo Online Entertainment2019
OobletsPC, XB1Glumblerland2019
OthercidePC, PS4, XB1Lightbulb Crew2019
Our World is EndedPCPQube2019
OVERKILL'S The Walking DeadPS4, PS4, XB1, XB1Starbreeze,Overkill2019
Panzer DragoonSwitchSega2019
Panzer Dragoon : RemakePC, XB1, PS4, Switch2019
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei : RemakePC, XB1, PS42019
Paranoia : Happiness is MandatoryPS4, XB1Bigben2019
Phantom DoctrineSwitchGambitious2019
Planet Coaster : SOS FantômesPCFrontier Developments2019
Population : OneHTC Vive, Oculus, PC2019
Project AwakeningPS4Cygames2019
ReadySet HeroesPS4Sony IE2019
RenainePC, SwitchSquidly2019
RendPCFrostkeep Studios2019
RPG Maker MVPS4, PS4, XB1, XB1, Switch, SwitchNIS America,Degica2019
Rune Factory 4SwitchMarvelous2019
Shadowgun War GamesiPhone, Android, SwitchMadfinger2019
Sniper Elite III : Ultimate EditionSwitchRebellion2019
SNK All-StariPhone, Android37Games2019 
SoundfallPC, PS4, Switch, XB12019
SteamWorld Quest : Hand of GilgamechSwitch2019
StellarisPS4, XB1Paradox Interactive2019
StormlandPC, OculusOculus2019
Stranger Things (Telltale)PS4, XB1, PCTelltale2019
SubversePCStudio FOW2019
Super Monkey Ball : Banana Blitz HDPCSegaT4 2019
Super Robot Taisen VPCBandai Namco2019 
The Culling 2PCXaviant2019
The Legend of Bum-boiPhone, SwitchNicalis Inc.2019
theHunter : Call of the WildXB1, PS4Avalanche2019
Tokyo DarkPS4Cherry Mochi2019
Travis Strikes Again : No More HeroesPC, PS4GungHo Online Entertainment2019
Twin Peaks VRPC, PC, HTC Vive, HTC Vive, Oculus, OculusShowtime,Collider Games2019
Unruly HeroesPS4Magic Design Studios2019
Vampire : The Masquerade - Coteries of New YorkPC, SwitchDraw DistanceT4 2019
VanePCFriend & Foe2019
Warhammer : Vermintide 2 Winds of MagicPCFatshark2019