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Game of Thrones - Episode 1 : Iron From IcePC, MacTelltale02/12/14
The CrewPS4, XB1, PC, X360Ubisoft02/12/14
Chivalry : Medieval WarfarePS3, X360Torn Banner Studios03/12/14
Game of Thrones - Episode 1 : Iron From IcePS4, PS3, XB1, X360Telltale03/12/14
Lumino CityPCState of Play03/12/14
Secret PonchosPS403/12/14
SyberiaX360, PS3, iPad, iPhoneMicroïds03/12/14
Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 1 : Zer0 SumX360, PS3, PS4Telltale03/12/14
TeslagradPS3, PS4Rain Games03/12/14
Tomb Raider IIiPad, iPhoneAspyr Media, Inc.03/12/14
Dragon Quest III : The Seeds of SalvationAndroid, iPad, iPhoneSquare Enix04/12/14
Game of Thrones - Episode 1 : Iron From IceiPhone, iPadTelltale04/12/14
The Legend of Dark Witch - Chronicle 2D ACT3DSCircle Studio04/12/14
World of Tanks BlitzAndroidWargaming.net04/12/14
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIXPS3Square Enix05/12/14
LimboXB1, PS405/12/14
The Last Tinker : City of ColorsPS4, XB105/12/14
Cargo 3PCVinci Games08/12/14
Destiny : Les Ténèbres SouterrainesPS4, XB1, PS3, X360Activision09/12/14
Giana Sisters : Twisted DreamsPS4Black Forest09/12/14
Hearthstone : Goblins Vs GnomesPC, iPad, iPhone, MacBlizzard09/12/14
Lara Croft and The Temple of OsirisPS4, XB1, PCSquare Enix09/12/14
MinecraftWinMobileMojang Specifications09/12/14
Elegy for a Dead WorldPC, MacDejobaan Games10/12/14
Giana Sisters : Twisted Dreams Director's CutPS4Black Forest10/12/14
Final Fantasy XIII-2PCSquare Enix11/12/14
Last InuaPC, Mac11/12/14
Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Trilogy3DSCapcom11/12/14
Rune Factory 43DSMarvelous11/12/14
The Talos PrinciplePC, MacDevolver Digital11/12/14
Giana Sisters : Twisted Dreams Director's CutXB1Black Forest12/12/14
Papers, PleaseiPhone, iPadLucas Pope12/12/14
Baldur's Gate II : Enhanced EditioniPhone, AndroidSkybound16/12/14
Elite : DangerousPCFrontier Developments16/12/14
Forza Horizon 2 : Storm IslandXB1Microsoft16/12/14
La Terreu du Milieu : L'Ombre du Mordor - Seigneur de ChassePS4, XB1, PCWarner Bros. Games16/12/14
Metal Gear Solid V : Ground ZeroesPCKonami18/12/14
Captain Toad : Treasure TrackerWiiUNintendo19/12/14
First StrikeiPad28/12/14
1010!iPhone, Android, iPadGram Games2014
Akiba's Trip : Undead & UndressedPS4KOCH03/07/14 
AR-K Chapter 1iPadGato Salvaje Studio2014
Arena of FatePS4, XB1CrytekT4 2014
Assassin's Creed UtopiaAndroid, iPhone, iPadUbisoft2014
Beyond PerceptionPC2014
Broken Age Act 1iPhone, iPad, AndroidDouble Fine2014
Captain Astronaut's Last HurrahPC, iPad2014
Civilization OnlinePC2K Games2014 
Dragon Ball New Project (titre provisoire)PS4, PS3, X360Namco Bandai2014 
Dragon Fin SoupPS3, PSV, PS4Grimm BrosT4 2014
EverQuest NextPC, PS4Daybreak2014
Final Fantasy VII G-BikeiPhone, iPad, AndroidSquare Enix2014
Fleish & Cherry in Crazy HotelPCRed Little House StudiosT4 2014
Frozen EndzonePC, Mac2014
Gods Will Be WatchingiPhoneDevolver Digital2014
GodusPC, iPhone, Android, iPad22Cans2014
GunslugsPCAbstraction Games2014
Habitat : A Thousand Generations in OrbitPC, Mac, XB12014
Hearthstone : Goblins Vs GnomesAndroidBlizzard12/2014
HomePS4, PSV2014
Intel i5-4460PCIntel2014
Kirby (2014)3DSNintendo2014
Mage's InitiationPCHimalaya StudiosT4 2014
Men of War : Assault Squad 2PC1C Company2014
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate3DSNintendo2014 
Mordheim : City of the DamnedPCFocusT4 2014
Project 2 (Nom Provisoire)PS3, X360, PC2014
Puyo Puyo TetrisPS3, PSV, WiiU, 3DSSega2014 
Rise of ManaiPhone, iPad, AndroidSquare Enix2014
RoboCopiPad, Android, iPhoneGlu Games Inc.2014
Rocketbirds 2 EvolutionPS4, PSVT4 2014
Rules!iPad, iPhoneTheCodingMonkeys2014
ShadowgateiPhoneReverb CommunicationsT4 2014
Silent Hill : Shattered MemoriesPSVKonami2014
Silent Hill OriginsPSVKonami2014
Spoiler AlertAndroid, iPad, iPhoneTiny Build Games2014
Star Wars : Attack SquadronsPCDisney IS2014
Striker ArenaiPadWizcorpT4 2014
Swords & Soldiers IIWiiU2014
Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 1 : Zer0 SumiPad, iPhoneTelltaleT4 2014
TengamiPC, Mac2014
Tetris UltimatePS4, XB1, PCUbisoftT4 2014
The ChairOculus2014
The Walking Dead : Saison 2PC, MacTelltale2014
The Witcher : Battle ArenaAndroid, iPhone, iPad, WinMobileCD Projekt2014
The Wolf Among Us : Episode 2 - Smoke and MirrorsiPad, iPhoneTelltale2014
The Wolf Among Us : Episode 3 - A Crooked MileX360, Mac, PS3, PC, iPad, iPhone, PSVTelltale2014
The Wolf Among Us : Episode 5 : Cry WolfiPhoneTelltale2014
The Wolf Among Us : Saison 1X360, PS4Telltale2014
Transformers UniversePCJagex2014
Wicked ParadisePC2014 
World of SpeedPC2014
WWE 2K15PC2K Games2014