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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Juin 2013

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Marvel HeroesPCGazillion04/06/13
Final Fantasy IVAndroidSquare Enix05/06/13
State of DecayX360Microsoft05/06/13
Syberia 1 : Partie 1iPad, iPad, iPhoneBig Fish Games,Anuman Interactive05/06/13
Godsrule : War of MortalsiPadSega06/06/13
Runaway : A Road AdventureiPad, iPhoneBulkypix06/06/13
Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge 2PS3, X360, PCTru Blu Entertainment07/06/13
Remember MePS3, X360, PCCapcom07/06/13
Sanctum 2X360Reverb Communications07/06/13
Tekken RevolutionPS3Namco Bandai12/06/13
Animal Crossing New Leaf3DSNintendo14/06/13
StormX360Namco Bandai14/06/13
The Last of UsPS3SCE14/06/13
Conquête StreetPass3DS18/06/13
Galaxie StreetPass3DS18/06/13
Jardin StreetPass3DS18/06/13
Manoir Hanté StreetPass3DS18/06/13
StormPS3Namco Bandai18/06/13
Dungeons & Dragons : Chronicles of MystaraX360, PS3Iron Galaxy19/06/13
Epic Mickey : Le Retour des HérosPSVDisney IS19/06/13
Giana Sisters : Twisted DreamsPS3Black Forest19/06/13
Jak 3PSVSCE19/06/13
Jak and Daxter : The Precursor LegacyPSVSCE19/06/13
Jak II : Hors la LoiPSVSCE19/06/13
Le Tour de France 2013PS3, X360Focus19/06/13
MotoGP 13PS3, X360Milestone19/06/13
The Jak and Daxter TrilogyPSVSCE19/06/13
Thunder WolvesPS3Ubisoft19/06/13
Bugs vs Tanks3DSLevel-520/06/13
Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PPPSVCompile Heart20/06/13 
Kuma Tomo3DSNamco Bandai20/06/13 
Pro Cycling Manager : Saison 2013PCFocus20/06/13
Rokyubu : Himitsu no OtoshimonoPSPKadokawa Games20/06/13 
Storm Lover 2ndPSPD3 Publisher20/06/13 
XCOM : Enemy UnknowniPad, iPhone2K Games20/06/13
Blood Bowl : Star CoachPC, iPad, AndroidCyanide21/06/13
LEGO Legends of Chima : Le Voyage de Laval3DS, PSVWarner Bros. Games21/06/13
MotoGP 13PC, PSVMilestone21/06/13
ZorbiéiPad, iPhoneThe Game Atelier21/06/13
Date A Live : Rinne UtopiaPS323/06/13 
One Finger Death PunchX360Silver Dollar Games24/06/13
TerrariaWiiU, 3DS505 Game Street24/06/13
Best of Playstation Network Vol. 1PS3SCE25/06/13 
Borderlands 2 : Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon KeepPC, PS3, Mac, X3602K Games25/06/13
Company of Heroes 2PCTHQ25/06/13
Hotline MiamiPSV, PS3Devolver Digital25/06/13
NEOGEO X Classics : Volume INGX25/06/13 
Ride to Hell : RetributionPC, PS3, X360Deep Silver25/06/13
Batman Arkham City : LockdownAndroidWarner Bros. Games26/06/13
Blood KnightsPS3dtp Entertainment26/06/13
Doodle JumpX36026/06/13
First StrikeiPhone, Android26/06/13
Magic : The Gathering : Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014PS3, X360Wizards of the Coast26/06/13
Scribblenauts RemixAndroidWarner Bros. Games26/06/13
Spartacus LegendsX360Ubisoft26/06/13
StormPCNeko Entertainment26/06/13
Towerfall AscensionOuya26/06/13
Colin McRae Rally - The Classic Rally ExperienceiPad, iPhoneCodemasters27/06/13
Gundam BreakerPS3Namco Bandai27/06/13 
Les Sims 3 : Ile de RêvePC, MacE.A.27/06/13
Mighty Switch Force! 23DSWayForward27/06/13
Rogue LegacyPCCellar Door Games27/06/13
ToukidenPSPTecmo Koei27/06/13 
DeadpoolX360, PS3, PCActivision28/06/13
Fatecraft : La Saga des ThériansPC, MacStudio Fatecraft28/06/13
Game & WarioWiiUNintendo28/06/13
MinecraftX360Mojang Specifications28/06/13
Time and EternityPS3Namco Bandai28/06/13
Akaneiro : Demon HuntersiPad, Android, PC, MacT2 2013
Dungeons & Dragons : Chronicles of MystaraPC, WiiUIron Galaxy06/2013
From LegendPSV, iPhone, iPad, Android, 3DSEgg BallT2 2013
Haunted HollowiPhone, iPadT2 2013
Ibb and ObbPCSparpweedT2 2013
Leisure Suit Larry 1 : In the Land of the Lounge Lizards HDPS3, X360, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Android06/2013
Morning StariPhone, Android, iPadIndustrial ToysT2 2013
Project Copernicus (Nom provisoire)PCE.A.06/2013
ReusPCT2 2013
Ride to Hell : Route 666PS3, X360, PCDeep Silver06/2013
Rory McIlroy PGA TourXB1, PS4E.A.30/06/13
The Mighty Quest for Epic LootPCUbisoftT2 2013
Thunder WolvesPC, X360UbisoftT2 2013
Wii U Panorama View (Nom Provisoire)WiiUNintendoT2 2013