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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Mai 2013

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Far Cry 3 Blood DragonX360Ubisoft01/05/13
Ragnarok Online II : Legend of the SecondPC01/05/13
Far Cry 3 Blood DragonPC, PS3Ubisoft02/05/13
Might & Magic Heroes VI : Shades of DarknessPCUbisoft02/05/13
Star CommandiPhone, iPadWar Balloon Games02/05/13
Worms : Revolution CollectionX360Team 1703/05/13
Hope : The other side of adventureiPhone, iPad, Android07/05/13
Alien SpidyPS3Kalypso08/05/13
Doritos Crash Course 2X360Microsoft08/05/13
Monaco : What's Yours is MineX360Pocketwatch Games08/05/13
RymdkapselPSVgrapefrukt games08/05/13
Mario and Donkey Kong : Minis on the Move3DSNintendo09/05/13
Sid Meier's Ace PatrolPC2K Games09/05/13
The Starship Damrey3DSLevel-509/05/13
World Heroes 2 JetWiiSNK09/05/13
Persona 4 : ArenaPS3, X360Atlus10/05/13
The Walking Dead : Saison 1PS3, X360, PC, MacTelltale,505 Game Street10/05/13
Dust 514PS3CCP14/05/13
Sanctum 2PCReverb Communications15/05/13
Call of Duty : Black Ops II - UprisingX360, PS3, PCActivision16/05/13
Cognition - Episode 3 : The OraclePC, Mac16/05/13
Finding TeddyAndroidLookAtMyGame16/05/13
Fire & Forget : The Final AssaultPC, Android, iPad, Mac16/05/13
Frozen SynapseiPadMode 716/05/13
Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot MysteryPSV16/05/13
Les Mystérieuses Cités d’Or : Le Vol du CondoriPhone, iPad16/05/13
Muv-Luv Alternative Total EclipsePS3, X3605pb.16/05/13 
Summon Night 5PSPNamco Bandai16/05/13 
Super MetroidWiiUNintendo16/05/13
TerrariaPS3505 Game Street16/05/13
Les Mystérieuses Cités d’Or : Le Vol du CondorAndroid17/05/13
Metro : Last LightPC, X360, PS3Deep Silver17/05/13
Pokémon Donjon Mystère : Les Portes de l'Infini3DSNintendo17/05/13
Call of Juarez : GunslingerPC, PS3, X360Techland22/05/13
Men’s Room MayhemPSV22/05/13
The Incredible Adventures of Van HelsingPC22/05/13
Combo CrewiPhone, iPad, AndroidThe Game Bakers23/05/13
Kamen Rider : Battride WarPS3Namco Bandai23/05/13 
LEGO Batman 2 : DC Super HeroesWiiUWarner Bros.23/05/13
Swords & Soldiers3DSRonimo Games23/05/13
Valhalla Knights 3PSVXSEED Games23/05/13
Donkey Kong Country Returns3DSNintendo24/05/13
Resident Evil : RevelationsPS3, X360, WiiU, PCCapcom24/05/13
Dust : An Elysian TailPCMicrosoft25/05/13
CastleStormX360Zen Studios29/05/13
The Night of the RabbitPC, Mac29/05/13
Unearthed : Trail of Ibn BattutaPS3Semaphore29/05/13
Wargame : AirLand BattlePCFocus29/05/13
Wonderbook : Diggs Détective PrivéPS3SCE29/05/13
Expeditions : ConquistadorPCbitComposer30/05/13
The Denpa Men 2 : Beyond the Waves3DSNintendo30/05/13
The Legend of Zelda : Oracle of Ages3DSNintendo30/05/13
The Legend of Zelda : Oracle of Seasons3DSNintendo30/05/13
The SwapperPC, MacFacepalm Games30/05/13
Folk TalePC, MacGames Foundry05/2013
FusePS3, X360E.A.31/05/13
GRID 2PS3, X360, PCCodemasters31/05/13
Kentucky Route Zero Act IIPC, Mac31/05/13
Rayman Jungle RunWinMobileUbisoft05/2013
Scurvy ScallywagsiPhone, iPad, Android05/2013