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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Août 2012

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AwesomenautsPCdtp Entertainment01/08/12
Fire Emblem : Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light3DSNintendo01/08/12 
Clash of ClansiPad, iPhoneSupercell02/08/12
Dragon Quest XWiiSquare Enix02/08/12 
Monster LifeiPhone, iPad, AndroidGameloft02/08/12
Risen 2 : Dark WatersX360, PS302/08/12
The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim - DawnguardPCBethesda02/08/12
Call of Duty : Black Ops ZombiesAndroidActivision03/08/12
Quiz PartyWiiNintendo03/08/12
Total Recall (titre provisoire)PCSEE Virtual Worlds03/08/12
ZinethPC, MacArcaneKids03/08/12
TownsmenAndroidHandy Games04/08/12
HybridX3605th Cell08/08/12
UnmechanicaliPadTeotl Studios08/08/12
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 - Collection 3 : Chaos PackX360Activision09/08/12
Pitfall MobileiPhoneActivision09/08/12 
The Amazing Spider-ManPCActivision10/08/12
Touhou Genso Rondo : Bullet BalletPCNIS America11/08/12 
Dust : An Elysian TailX360Microsoft15/08/12
Papo & YoPS3SCE15/08/12
Sound ShapesPSV, PS3SCE15/08/12
Tales from Space : Mutant Blobs AttackPCDrinkbox Studios15/08/12
New Super Mario Bros. 23DSNintendo17/08/12
Sleeping DogsPS3, X360, PCSquare Enix17/08/12
The Expendables 2PC, X360Ubisoft17/08/12
Counter-Strike : Global OffensivePC, MacVALVe21/08/12
DanganRonpa : Trigger Happy HavociPad, Android, iPhoneSpike21/08/12 
Darksiders IIPS3, X360, PCTHQ21/08/12
Jojo's Bizarre AdventureX360Capcom21/08/12
Counter-Strike : Global OffensiveX360VALVe22/08/12
Jojo's Bizarre AdventurePS3Capcom22/08/12
Labyrinth Tower : LegasistaPS3Nippon Ichi22/08/12
The Expendables 2PS3Ubisoft22/08/12
Vote !!!iPhone, iPadChair Entertainment22/08/12 
Dark SoulsPCNamco Bandai24/08/12
Transformers : La Chute de CybertronX360, PS3Activision24/08/12
Wooden Sen'SeYPC, Mac, WiiUUpper Byte24/08/12
The Walking Dead : Episode 3 - Long Road AheadPS3Telltale27/08/12 
The World Ends With YouiPad, iPhoneSquare Enix27/08/12
Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWIIPS3, X360, PCMad Catz28/08/12
God of War Saga CollectionPS3SCE28/08/12 
Guild Wars 2PCNC Soft28/08/12
inFAMOUS CollectionPS3SCE28/08/12 
Mass Effect 3 : LeviathanX360E.A.28/08/12
Ratchet & Clank CollectionPS3SCE28/08/12 
The Walking Dead : Episode 3 - Long Road AheadX360, PC, MacTelltale28/08/12
Mass Effect 3 : LeviathanPS3E.A.29/08/12
Rock Band BlitzPS3, X360Harmonix29/08/12
They Bleed PixelsPCSpooky Squid29/08/12
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HDPS3Activision29/08/12
Granny SmithiPhone, Android, iPadMediocre30/08/12
Hyperdimension Neptunia VPS3Compile Heart30/08/12 
L'Oeil Noir : Les chaînes de SatinavPCDeep Silver30/08/12
Madden NFL 13X360, PS3, PSVEA Sports30/08/12
Mercia : Fractured RealmsPS3SCE30/08/12
Mobile Suit Gundam AGE : Cosmic DrivePSPNamco Bandai30/08/12 
Mutant MuddsPC30/08/12
Endless SpaceMac31/08/12
Tales of Graces FPS3Namco Bandai31/08/12