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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Mars 2009

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Empire : Total WarPCSega04/03/09
Lux-PainDSRising Star04/03/09
Watchmen : The End is NighPS3, X360, PCWarner Bros.04/03/09
7th DragonDSSega05/03/09 
AC/DC LIVE : Rock Band Track PackWii, PS2MTV Games05/03/09
Big Bang MiniDSSouthpeak05/03/09
Elite Forces : Unit 77DSDeep Silver05/03/09
Age of BootyPCCapcom06/03/09
Mario Power TennisWiiNintendo06/03/09
Patapon 2PSPSCE06/03/09
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.PC, PS3, X360Ubisoft06/03/09
The MawPCTwisted Pixel09/03/09
Ski-Doo snowmobile ChallengeX360n/c10/03/09 
Crystal Defenders R1X360Square Enix11/03/09
Peggle DeluxeX360PopCap11/03/09
Command & Conquer : Alerte Rouge - La RévoltePCE.A.12/03/09
Grey's Anatomy : The Video GameWii, PC, DSUbisoft12/03/09
Hi-OctanePS3Bullfrog Productions12/03/09
Job IslandWiiHudson12/03/09
MySims PartyDS, WiiE.A.12/03/09
OneChanbara : Bikini Zombie SlayersWiiD3 Publisher12/03/09
Persona 4PS2Square Enix12/03/09
Tenchu Shadow AssassinsWiiFrom Software12/03/09
Trivial PursuitPS3, X360, Wii, PS2E.A.12/03/09
Warriors Orochi ZPS3Koei Canada Inc.12/03/09 
World in Conflict : Soviet AssaultPCSierra12/03/09
Bleach : Dark SoulsDSSega13/03/09
Codename Panzers : Cold WarPC10tacle13/03/09
Family Table TennisWiiAksys13/03/09
Jungle SpeedWiiPlayful Entertainment13/03/09
Millenium Series Championship Paintball 2009X360, PS3, Wii, PS2Activision13/03/09
Resident Evil 5PS3, X360Capcom13/03/09
Sonic & le Chevalier NoirWiiSega13/03/09
Merchants of BrooklynPCn/c18/03/09
SingStar QueenPS2, PS3SCE18/03/09
SOCOM ConfrontationPS3SCE18/03/09
The PathPCTale of Tales18/03/09
Zits & GiggleiPhoneTommy Refenes18/03/09 
Castlevania JudgmentWiiKonami19/03/09
Enchanted Folk and the School of WizardryDSKonami19/03/09
Football AcademyDSE.A.19/03/09
Henry Hatsworth : l'incroyable ExpéditionDSEA Casual Entertainment19/03/09
Les Chevaliers de Baphomet : The Director's CutDS, WiiUbisoft19/03/09
Léa Passion MédecineDSUbisoft19/03/09
Metal Gear Solid TouchiPhoneKonami19/03/09
Ready 2 Rumble RevolutionWiiAtari19/03/09
Runes of MagicPCFrogster Interactive19/03/09
Silent HillPS3Konami19/03/09
Suikoden TierkreisDSKonami19/03/09
Chaos à la MaisonWiiMidway20/03/09
From the AbyssDSNobilis20/03/09
Grand Theft Auto : Chinatown WarsDSRockstar Games20/03/09
StormriseX360, PS3, PCSega20/03/09
Super Punch-Out !!WiiNintendo20/03/09
The Last RemnantPCSquare Enix20/03/09
WWE Legends of WrestlemaniaPS3, X360THQ20/03/09
Fallout 3 : The PittX360, PCBethesda24/03/09
Buzz ! Le Plus Malin Des FrançaisPSP, PS2, PS3SCEE25/03/09
Resistance RetributionPSPSCE25/03/09
Ski-Doo snowmobile ChallengePS3n/c25/03/09 
Afro SamuraiX360Namco Bandai26/03/09
Blue Dragon PlusDS, DSIgnition,AQ Interactive26/03/09
Burn Zombie BurnPS3Pinnacle Systems26/03/09
Command & Conquer : Alerte Rouge 3PS3E.A.26/03/09
Dancing Stage : Winx ClubWiiKonami26/03/09
Eat Lead : The Return of Matt HazardX360, PS3D3 Publisher26/03/09
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : Echoes of TimeDS, WiiSquare Enix26/03/09
Le Manège EnchantéPCGame Life26/03/09
Leisure Suit Larry : Box Office BustPCCodemasters26/03/09
Léa Passion Chef 3 EtoilesDSUbisoft26/03/09
Lifesigns : A Coeur OuvertDSJoWooD26/03/09
Magic CarpetPS3E.A.26/03/09
Metal Fight BeybladeDSHudson26/03/09 
PES 2009WiiKonami26/03/09
Afro SamuraiPS3Namco Bandai27/03/09
Challenge Me : Brain PuzzlesDSOxygen27/03/09
Don King BoxingX360, Wii, DS2K Games27/03/09
Drakensang : l'Œil NoirPCdtp Entertainment27/03/09
Le Manège EnchantéWiiGame Life27/03/09
Memento MoriPCdtp Entertainment27/03/09
Mushroom Men : The Spore WarsWii, DSGamecock27/03/09
Rock RevolutionX360, DSKonami27/03/09
The WheelmanPC, X360, PS3Midway27/03/09
The GraveyardPCTale of Tales28/03/09
Doodle JumpiPhone29/03/09
Mana Khemia : School of AlchemistsPS2Gust31/03/09