Home City US

Home City US

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Welcome to Home City. In his quest to find her missing love, V meets shady characters, faces the members of the criminal organization Cobra, rediscovers its own identity, crosses the way of the mysterious Sorrow ...

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This spin-off of Home City is a transition before the long awaited episode 9.

You can clic on each picture to view it in high definition.

Continuation and end, soon...

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October 2012: Sorry to show me so late, but you may already have guessed that the Home City project is stopped. There will be no sequel to Home City neither to Home City 2. I want to thank all the people who supported me in this adventure that gave me an incredible experience, and you'll keep, at least I hope, a good recall of it.

Real life has its priorities. But I did not gave up the idea of telling a story i really care, wich Home City was a large testing ground in this virtual universe restricted and inconvenient wich is the PlayStation Home (PS3).
So, maybe one day you'll come across a story that is not without reminding you a little Home City, but more ambitious and successful. I'd probably be the responsible.


The creation of Home City was first born from an idea, then meetings and circumstances.

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French version here

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The Home City team:

VengeanceFR: creator, writer, photographer, actor

Sorrow83: assistant, photographer, photo editing, actress

K-rolyne72: the "10 000 faces" actress, translations

Skywat: actor

And all those who help occasionally ...