L'excellent ET: Quake Wars vient de passer en version 1.2, ce que les joueurs assidus n'auront pas pu manquer grâce au patcheur automatique intégré. Si vous aviez laissé le titre dormir sur votre disque dur, c'est le moment de le réveiller. Les changements sont assez nombreux et vont dans le bon sens.

Enemy Territory Quake Wars Patch 1.2 Changenotes :

  • Added voice over IP (VoIP). A new menu has been added to the settings menu that will allow this to be configured. The PC must have a microphone configured properly via the Windows Control Panel in order for it to work in game.
  • Comprehensive bot improvements
  • Medic revive/health drop XP bonus (20%).
  • Light weapons xp bonus (10%) (reduce the cost for each upgrade by 10%, not increasing the actual xp given).
  • Threaded renderer: enable via r_useThreadedRenderer 2, when from console in main menu, can not enable in game.
  • further optimization of pre-generated shadows, across all maps.
  • Alternative mouse input method (enabled by default) using the Raw Input API. Disabled by setting m_rawInput 0.
  • Fixed high DPI mice dropping input in certain situations.
  • Added support for quadraphonic and 7.1 speaker setups.
  • Made vehicle wheels appearing to clip through the ground less common.
  • Fixed Titan engine shutdown sound getting cut off when switching seats.
  • Spectators come to a complete stop instead of infinitely drifting slowly up or down.
  • Vehicle horn sounds don't play when the vehicle is underwater.
  • Fixed respawning player being visible in a standing pose over their corpse briefly when they respawn when unlockFPS is enabled.
  • Sniper rifle & railgun tracers appear no matter how far away you are from the firer.
  • Technician can now switch to other tools while sprinting after changing to his stroyent tool.
  • Fireteams are saved across map transitions.
  • Fade in vehicle panel/fireteam dialogs.
  • Added tool tip explaining the time limit functionality in the play computer shell.
  • Remember the chosen class when the admin forces a player to the other team.
  • Added EMP effect for all deployables/vehicles while they are disabled.
  • Added total XP tool tip for the different proficiency types when mousing over them in the overview tab in the stats.
  • Gray out quick chat item "I'm disguised" when not in disguise.
  • Lighting Pistol: Fixed not overheating at the same rate if tapping the fire key instead of holding it down.
  • Fixed not graying out drop down button in admin menu when "Add bot" is disabled.
  • Hide friend/foe indicators while going through the Slipgate teleporter.
  • Fixed occasionally seeing a spectator's command map icon if there was a radar deployed.
  • Health Packs and Stroyent Cells now have separate uses count on the stats page.
  • Fixed treating mining laser objective as a destroy objective instead of construct objective with regards to stats.
  • Fixed not resetting radial timer on deployable notify icon when the icon is created.
  • Send a tool tip instead of a chat message when a fireteam is disbanded.
  • Fixed players seeing the enter vehicle icon on the MCP when it is deployed at an outpost when another player is occupying the gunner seat.
  • Fixed driver not getting a tool tip when he is kicked for driving in the wrong direction.
  • Grenade Launcher: Always display "Grenade Launcher" obituary even if using bullets.
  • Plasma Launcher: Always display "Plasma Launcher" obituary even if using Lacerator.
  • Fixed when a Strogg player delivers an Energy Cell back to the Strogg ship, the objective icon next to his name in the scoreboard does not disappear until he dies.
  • Fixed not resetting decoy charge bar when switching from driver to another vehicle seat.
  • Notify client when client has been muted/unmated from text chat or VOIP.
  • Joining a game in progress displays "Warm up(Waiting for more players to ready up)" in the in game scoreboard.
  • If a spectator switches to spectate a player firing a one-shot per charge bar vehicle weapon the charge bar will not update properly.
  • Now hides energy segments when holding the landmine.
  • Fixed the charge notify icon disappearing for someone who has planted a charge, that is dead and spectating someone else while the spectatee charge explodes.
  • Fixed charge notify icon not disappearing if you arm a charge you are not the owner of.
  • Added option to save account password.
  • Added a message history to friends/clan chats.
  • Added an option to keep the message friend/clan member window open after sending a message.
  • Added a Favorites source, similar to History.
  • Added Time/Date information to the Replay page.
  • Added Delete button to the Replay page.
  • Added option to disable the Complaint popup after you are team killed.
  • Added built in support for 1280x960 and 1400x1050 video modes.
  • Fixed the server list getting a new list every time Play Online was entered.
  • Fixed the server list getting a new list every time a filter changes.
  • Fixed display of servers with < and > in their names.
  • Changed bot filter to filter out a server only if it's completely full of bots.
  • Changed obituary and chat text to a smaller font size.
  • Changed menu transitions to make it more obvious that there were new choices when entering the options menu.
  • Adjusted energy cell drop-pod rubble in Quarry so players can't clip through it.
  • Added EMP sparks and effects to "disabled" vehicles and deployables.
  • Added unique hit sound for headshots.
  • Slight increase in damage distance falloff for all Lacerator variants.
  • Reduced damage distance falloff start point to 25% of weapon range for the Sniper Rifle and Railgun.
  • Slight reduction in maximum spread for standing and crouching stances for standard Lacerator and Plasma Launcher variant.
  • Reduced firing rate for Grenade Launcher variant to match the Scoped Assault Rifle.
  • Reduced firing rate for Plasma Launcher variant to match the Accurised Lacerator.
  • Improved initial accuracy for Pistol and Blaster.
  • Slight increase to fire rate for both Shotgun and Nailgun.
  • Anansi and Tormentor take longer to repair.
  • Constructing the mining laser should count as a primary objective for stats purposes now.
  • Outskirts: removed two deploy squares that were directly below Strogg spawns.
  • Slipgate: fixed fogging on decals on the Antarctic-side structures.
  • Valley: raised flight ceiling to allow aircraft to navigate more of the map.
  • Volcano: fixed a number of holes in the terrain and missing faces on geometry.
  • Roughly 1/3 Drop in Light Weapons and Battle Sense requirements for each level unlock from:

    Level 1 10

    Level 2 20

    Level 3 40

    Level 4 80


    Level 1 8

    Level 2 16

    Level 3 32

    Level 4 64

  • Roughly 1/4 drop in all class requirements for unlocks. This means that Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Covert Ops, Field Ops and Strogg equivalents would change from:

    Level 1 15

    Level 2 30

    Level 3 60

    Level 4 120


    Level 1 12

    Level 2 24

    Level 3 48

    Level 4 96