Chez CCP, ça bosse dur pour apaiser et contenter les fans. Ce n'est pas compliqué, il n'y a juste pas mieux que Eve Online sur le marché du jeu vidéo à base de vaisseaux spatiaux et commerce. Ça manque de pilotage en temps réel, mais je pinaille... Bref, Revelations Part 2 (sur les 3 prévues) amène son lot de grosses améliorations pour ce MMO sans concessions. Vu la taille des travaux à faire sur le serveur, tout sera offline pendant 24h entre mardi et mercredi prochains. Le nombre de corrections, changements, nouvelles possibilités et bidouilles techniques est impressionnant. Du reste, histoire d'exploser mon propre record de news anglaise over longue, je vous colle le communiqué de presse de CCP et la note complète du patch. Pour bien comprendre à quel point CCP reste un développeur sérieux mais qui sait s'amuser, scrollez jusqu'à la dernière ligne. On appelle ça de l'humour islandais.


REYKJAVIK, ICELAND - June 14, 2007 - CCP, the world's largest independent game developer, today announced that their upcoming free expansion, EVE Online®: Revelations II, will be released on the massive Tranquility super-computer cluster on Tuesday, June 19th.

Revelations II is the seventh free expansion for EVE Online and includes important improvements and additions. New players will appreciate a completely revamped New Player Experience where rookie pilots begin their adventures in EVE within a protected area to learn the essentials of gameplay within a protected environment at their own pace. For the more seasoned pilots and alliances, the broader Sovereignty scope, improved Corporation and Alliance management and introduction of Heat will be most important.

The most notable features of Revelations II include:

• Heat - Adding a new dimension to space combat in EVE. The ability to boost performance of ship modules can mean the difference between life and death, but not entirely without risk.
• Broader Sovereignty Scope - Sovereignty concept broadened with intermediate goals and four different tiers: Territory, Protectorate, Province and Constellation Capital.
• Revamped New Player Experience - Optimization and streamlining of the tutorial vastly improves how new players are introduced to EVE Online, making it more fun and easier to start their alter ego existence in space.
• Need for Speed - Significant CPU and dogma optimizations that set the groundwork for full Vista support slated to be introduced in a future expansion.
• Structure Warfare Enhancements - A number of new features expand the opportunity for strategic operations.
• Improved Corporation and Alliance Management - The addition of vital tools and roles necessary to command and conquer.
• Agent Mission Improvements - The introduction of Level 5 Agents add the most challenging Player-versus-Environment encounters yet.
• Expanding the Frontiers of Exploration - Rare NPC spawns and other opportunities abound for greater solo exploration as well as increasing the chances of discovering in-space encounters and hidden deadspace pockets.
• Anti-Fleet Warfare - Discover new tactics for dispersing large concentrations of ships.

With so many exciting additions and changes to the game, there's never been a better time to explore the challenging and expansive universe. A free, 14-day, no obligation trial is available at Stake your claim and set a course for fame and fortune in EVE Online today.



New Game Features

Need for Speed™

Revelations II advances our commitment to improving the performance of EVE Online. With significant CPU and dogma optimizations launched in this release, Revelations II will also set the initial groundwork to provide full Vista support for future expansions. Also integral to our Need for Speed™ initiative is the continuous refinement of our Core Technology, the foundation infrastructure for EVE.

Structure Warfare Enhancements

Revelations II will significantly expand the opportunities for strategic operations between fixed structures in space by encouraging siege-type game play, enabling attrition warfare, providing tactical objectives for smaller attack forces, and improving the economic vitality of outposts. Specific game play element additions include:

Starbase Warfare

  • New Starbase Tactics- Factionalized Structures such as Serpentis Control Towers and Domination Autocannon Batteries, each with unique looks and bonus attributes; Energy Neutralizing Arrays that can drain capacitor reserves from attacking fleets; Scanner Arrays that perform localized scanning for the presence of ships; Jump Towers that allow players to jump instantaneously between starbases owned by the same corporation; Cynosural Field Generators that can quickly bring capital ships to the battlefield; and Cynosural Field Jammers to prevent them from coming in.
    • Energy Neutralizing Batteries can be anchored outside the forcefield of any starbase. They have a 50km range and drain 1000 capacitor every 10 seconds. Fitting requirements are 25 tf CPU and 350,000 MW Power.
    • System Scanning Arrays can be used in systems with Sovereignty 2 or higher. When controlled, they allow pilots to run a 999AU scan with a strength of 25 and a duration of 90 seconds. This can only be used to scan for ships. Fitting requirements are 25 tf CPU and 25,000 MW Power.
    • Jump Bridges allow instant travel between starbases. They must be paired to another bridge within 5 LY, and burn a variable amount of fuel per jump depending on range and mass. They require Sovereignty 3 or higher to online, must be anchored 15km or more from the force field and use 4,000 tf CPU and 750,000 MW Power.
    • Cynosural Generator Arrays provide a permanent cynosural beacon available to everyone in your alliance, which can be the target of capital ship jumps or jump portal links. They require Sovereignty 2, must be anchored 15km or more from the force field and use 150 tf CPU and 375,000 MW Power.
    • Cynosural System Jammers prevent the formation of new cynosural fields in the system, and force existing fields to collapse at the end of their cycle. This applies to fields generated by both modules and structures. It takes 30 minutes to bring online or offline and requires Sovereignty 3. It must be anchored 15km from the force field and uses 750,000 MW Power.
  • Exposed Starbase Assets- We are opening up the tactical opportunities for smaller attack groups by moving some starbase structures beyond the protective force field. All such eligible structures will receive significant hit point increases, which will include all firepower, electronic warfare, and scanning arrays; cynosural field jammers and generators; and jump bridge towers.
    • Structures have the following hitpoints based on size:
      • Large structures have 100,000 shield, 1,500,000 armor and 5,000,000 structure (and 90% structure resistance given by the control tower),
      • Medium structures have 50,000 shield, 750,000 armor and 2,500,000 structure (and 90% structure resistance given by the control tower),
      • Small structures have 25,000 shield, 375,000 armor and 1,250,000 structure (and 90% structure resistance given by the control tower).
    • All turret structures have had their ranges and tracking revised based on their turret equivalents, so they work best against their intended targets: cruisers for small turrets, battleships for medium turrets and capital ships for large turrets.
    • All structures now have appropriate signature radius assigned to them, making it harder for larger ships to acquire lock on smaller structures; large have 400m, medium have 125m and small have 30m.
    • All offensive based structures now have appropriate scan resolution assigned to them, making it "harder" for large turrets to acquire lock on smaller targets; large have 10mm, medium have 50mm and small have 250mm.
    • Unanchoring time for structures that are placed outside the force field now only takes 1 minute.
    • You can now anchor structures that only require power while the control tower is in reinforced mode.
    • Remote Hull Repairers are now available to reactivate incapacitated structures.
  • Improved Defenses- Structures can now be anchored when the host control tower is in reinforced mode, forcing attack groups to patrol the tower until it is destroyed while giving the owner a chance to recover from assaults. Most importantly, players will now get direct command of starbase weapons, allowing them to control individual assets such as turrets, missile batteries, and stasis webifiers.
    • The following structure groups can now be controlled by players: Electronic Warfare Battery, Energy Neutralizing Battery, Mobile Hybrid Sentry, Mobile Laser Sentry, Mobile Missile Sentry, Mobile Projectile Sentry, Scanner Array, Stasis Webification Battery, Warp Scrambling Battery.
    • To control a structure, you must be within 15km of the control tower and have the Starbase Defense Operator role. You can control one structure per level of Starbase Defense Management.
    • Structures under capsuleer control can be independently targeted and activated on any lockable object within range.
    • Structures which use no CPU can be anchored and brought online while the tower is in reinforced mode.

Outpost Warfare

  • Targetable Outpost Services Individual services offered by outposts are now vulnerable to precision strikes. Attacking players will see a list of "opportunity targets" in their overview as they approach these stations, each of which will have different hit point values depending on their importance. Services-including any jobs running at the time of attack-will become unavailable for outpost residents as they are destroyed, but can be restored once selective criteria are met.
    • Outpost services will show up as icons adjacent to the station icon in space. They will be targettable and can take damage.
    • When a service has no shields or armor left and starts taking structure damage, it becomes disabled.
    • To re-enable a service, it must have all armor and structure repaired, and be restored to 50% or higher shields.

Outpost Upgrades

  • Tiered Improvement Opportunities Hierarchal "construction paths" for increasing the economic vitality of outposts will be implemented. These station improvements must be purchased as construction platforms, anchored at the outpost site, and supplied with the requisite materials. Once built, these upgrades are permanent, even if the outpost is lost. Possible improvements include the addition of office, factory, or research slots; increasing the efficiency of reprocessing and manufacturing facilities; or adding these services to the outpost. The upgrade level of the outpost determines the total number of improvements that can be made, the greatest of which are functions of race and sovereignty conditions.
    • The following Upgrade Platform Blueprints have been seeded on the market: Foundation Upgrade Platform Blueprint, Pedestal Upgrade Platform Blueprint, Monument Upgrade Platform Blueprint.
    • With Sovereignty 2, a Foundation Upgrade Platform can be anchored and built next to an Outpost. After downtime, this will enable the installation of a single Tier 1 Improvement.
    • With Sovereignty 3, a Pedestal Upgrade Platform can be anchored and built next to an Outpost which already has a Foundation Upgrade. After downtime, this will enable the installation of an additional Tier 1 Improvement and a single Tier 2 Improvement.
    • With Sovereignty 4, a Monument Upgrade Platform can be anchored and built next to an Outpost which already has a Pedestal Upgrade. After downtime this will enable the installation of a further additional Tier 1 Improvement, an additional Tier 2 Improvement and a single Tier 3 Improvement.
    • Blueprints for Basic (Tier 1), Standard (Tier 2) and Advanced (Tier 3) Outpost Improvement Platforms have been seeded on the market. Amarr, Minmatar and Gallente have the following improvements: Factory, Laboratory, Office, Plant and Refinery. Caldari has the following improvements: Factory, Laboratory, Office, Refinery and Research Facility.
    • A Basic Outpost Platform can be anchored and built at any Outpost of the correct race which has at least one Tier 1 Improvement slot free. This will permanently upgrade the capabilities of the Outpost in the manner described in the Platform's information.
    • A Standard Outpost Platform can be anchored and built at any Outpost of the correct race which has at least one Tier 2 Improvement slot free, and which has the Basic Improvement of the same type already installed. This will permanently upgrade the capabilities of the Outpost in the manner described in the Platform's information.
    • An Advanced Outpost Platform can be anchored and built at any Outpost of the correct race which has at least one Tier 3 Improvement slot free, and which has the Standard Improvement of the same type already installed. This will permanently upgrade the capabilities of the Outpost in the manner described in the Platform's information.

Broader Sovereignty Scope

Revelations II will make sovereignty more modular by adding four different tiers of ownership and broadening its scope to the constellation level. Structured incentives and intermediary objectives-with unique benefits offered at each tier-will be available for alliances to pursue, but with the added challenge of contending with the tactical changes to starbase warfare. The benefits at each tier include which outpost upgrades can be added, what structures can be anchored around starbases, and how much fuel is required to sustain them.

Sovereignty tiers include Territory, Protectorate, Province, and Constellation Capital. The latter is achievable through Constellation Sovereignty, which is reached when half of the systems in a given constellation become official "territories" of the same alliance; three or more outposts and/or conquerable stations reside with the constellation; and at least one system is a Province-the alliance-declared capital system of that constellation.

  • Sovereignty Level 1 (Territory) is achieved by the alliance having more towers (that have been online and claiming sovereignty) for seven days, than any other alliance in the same system
  • Sovereignty Level 2 (Protectorate) is reached by maintaining Sovereignty 1 for 14 consecutive days
  • Sovereignty Level 3 (Province) is reached by maintaining Sovereignty 2 for a further 14 days. Outposts in systems with Sovereignty 3 can be set as Constellation Capital
  • Sovereignty Level 4 (Constellation Capital) is achieved by both having Constellation Sovereignty in the same constellation and holding an outpost with the Constellation Capital option checked for thirty days.
  • Constellation Sovereignty is achieved when the following conditions are met for fourteen consecutive days:
    • Sovereignty 1 or higher in over half the systems in the constellation
    • Three outposts or conquerable stations held within the same constellation
    • One outpost has Constellation Capital set
  • Starbases in systems with Sovereignty 4 cannot be targeted
  • If one or more of the conditions for Constellation Sovereignty is subsequently lost, the constellation becomes Contested for 14 days. If at the end of this period the conditions are met again, Constellation Sovereignty is maintained. If they are not met, Constellation Sovereignty is lost.


Adding a new dimension to space combat in EVE, Revelations II brings you Heat: the ability to overload starship modules for a temporary boost in performance, but at the risk of damaging the module.

Performance overloads are temporary attribute increases for selected active modules, covering everything from firepower and defenses to propulsion and electronics. While the benefits of overheating are specific to the module, the cost-heat buildup-is cumulative to the rack that the module resides in, which has a fixed heat dissipation rate.

Overheating a single module therefore risks damaging every other module that shares the same rack-low, medium, or high-and each module has a maximum number of hit points it can withstand before failing. Modules that succumb to heat become unusable during combat, but can be repaired when - or if - the ship makes it back to a station.

  • The following groups of modules now have an Overload attribute which states what bonus you will receive by overloading the module.
    • Turrets
    • Launchers
    • Energy Vampires
    • Energy Neutralizers
    • Afterburners
    • Microwarpdrives
    • ECM
    • ECCM
    • Active Hardeners
    • Shield Boosters
    • Armor Repairers
    • Remote Armor/Shield Repairers/Boosters
    • Warp Scramblers
    • Stasis Webifiers
  • New skill, Thermodynamics, that reduces heat damage by 5% per level, has been seeded.
  • Shield Boost Amplifier increases heat damage from Shield boosters by 100%
  • Heat is distributed over the whole rack, split into High, Medium and Low.
  • The User interface has been changes to reflect Heat and allow management of it.
  • A module capable of overload has a green marker on top of the UI circle which toggles overload on and off. The rest of the circle will glow red once that module starts taking heat damage. Once the circle is completely red, the module will go offline and needs to be repaired before it can be brought online again.
  • A heat status bar has been added above the capacitor, where it shows the heat consumption over the three racks.
  • It is possible to overload the entire rack, using three buttons on the right side of the hit point bars.

Improved Corporation & Alliance Management

Revelations II will deliver significant enhancements to the management tools for corporations and alliances-the cornerstone organizations of EVE. These include the additions of:

  • An alliance standing tab, which will give directors the ability to set and adjust corporation standings with other alliances;
  • A starbase fuel technician role, which will allow players to perform basic starbase maintenance tasks but prevent them from damaging the base through resource theft or other means;
  • Seven divisional wallets for corporations, which will give directors the ability to uniquely categorize corporate finances however they fit;
  • A transaction log for each divisional wallet, identical in functionality to personal wallets;
  • An export manager that will allow players with an accountant role to export corporate data to file, and all players to export their personal wallets to file;
  • Remote search functionality of corporate hangars and manipulation of corporate assets, such as moving items between hangars and stacking;
  • An alliance history tab similar to the character employment history tab; and
  • Detailed shareholder reports, which lists individual member ownership of corporation-issued stock to players with an accountant or director role.
  • Joining a corp. has been made simpler.

Agent Mission Improvements

Revelations II will introduce Level 5 Agents, and with them the most challenging PVE encounters for players yet in EVE. These missions are designed for capital ships or small gangs, who will face NPC elements that include dreadnoughts, carriers, and other mammoth adversaries that require vast amounts of firepower to take down.

To encourage group participation for tackling agent missions of any difficulty, gang support for missions will also be added, splitting the bounty for success evenly between participants. As for the actual rewards, the agent offer system is being enhanced in two ways: loyalty points will now be cumulative towards the issuing corporation of the agent, not the individual agents themselves; and with the addition of a new loyalty point store, in which players can view the entire list of available corporation reward offers and select which ones to accept as determined by their affordability in loyalty points and/or merchandise.

  • Ten Level 5 agents for each Empire (nine for Caldari. Why nine? Don't ask us, ask the Jovians!) have been placed in selected low-security systems.
  • Approximately thirty Level 5 missions are available for each Empire, focusing primarily on the growing conflicts between the four Empires.
  • Carrier-class NPCs have been created for each Empire, along with Fighter-class support.
  • Freighter-class NPCs have been created for each Empire.
  • Most factions now have access to Energy Neutralizer Towers to increase their defensive capabilities.
  • Empire Navy NPCs now drop loot as well as tags.
  • Missions now have basic gang support. Choosing the "Me and my gang have completed the mission" option at the end of a mission will cause LP, ISK and Standing rewards to be split equally between up to five people in a gang.
  • The existing LP/Offers system has been replaced with the new "LP Store" feature.
  • LPs are now attached to NPC corporations rather than individual agents; all existing LPs will be migrated from the individual agents to their parent corporations.
  • The LP Store now contains a wide variety of new offers for implants, factional hardware and blueprints. Offers vary between factions and between corporations within a faction.

Expanding the Frontiers of Exploration

Revelations II will significantly expand the content for solo exploration, increasing the chances of discovering in-space encounters and hidden deadspace pockets of varying difficulties-including greater rewards through rare NPC commander spawns. The balance of escalation will also be improved, with an emphasis on creating a more gradual difficulty progression through encounter stages and. Finally, a built-in scanner that has no requirements for additional skills or modules will be added to assist with finding low-risk encounters.

  • Existing "Escalation" sites have been revisited, and now have a good chance of spawning a "Commander"-level NPC when the completion trigger is tripped.
  • 100 new "Encounter" combat sites have been added. These are "Unknown"-type sites tuned to be substantially easier to locate and complete than existing Exploration content.
  • Encounter sites have a small chance of spawning a "Commander" NPC.
  • All ships now have a built-in exploration scanner. This device has a 5AU range, 25 sensor strength in all types, a 30 second duration and can only scan for Cosmic Signatures. It is not affected by skills, rigs or bonuses.
  • Gravimetric sites (hidden asteroid belts) are no longer located within Deadspace zones, allowing ships to warp in to any designated point inside the site.
  • The following static sites have been removed from static spawn locations and distributed evenly across the appropriate factions' space. Each site can only be found within systems with specific security statuses.
    Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation, Sansha's Command Relay Outpost, Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses, Mul-Zatah Monastery, Guristas Scout Outpost, Serpentis Phi-Outpost, Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive, Angel's Red Light District, Crimson Hand Supply Depot, Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp, Sansha War Supply Complex, Angel Military Operations Complex, Cartel Prisoner Retention, Pith's Penal Complex, Angel Cartel Naval Shipyard, Blood Raider Naval Shipyard, The Maze, Centus Assembly T.P. Co. and Serpentis Fleet Shipyard.

Immersive New Player Experience

To better acclimate new players to EVE, the rookie tutorial experience will spawn directly in space beginning with Revelations II, inside a protected dungeon inaccessible to all but the new player.

  • Players start in their own protected dungeon out of harm's way
  • Tutorial dungeon can be accessed again within 30 days of account creation.
  • The dungeon can only be started in rookie systems
  • Re-written and shortened tutorial
  • Informative optional tutorials have been added to further aid players
  • Second and third characters have an option in the character creation process to start in station or in space. Starting in station is on by default, but can be changed if player wishes to redo the tutorial on that character
  • Restarting the tutorial through the Aura window, will initiate warp to the dungeon with a confirmation box.

Anti-Fleet Warfare

Revelations II will introduce new tactics for dispersing large concentrations of ships. Motherships will be able to equip a Remote ECM Burst module that will jam the sensors of any ship within the effect radius of the target. Stealth bombers can be armed with six different AOE (area-of-effect) Bombs that damage everything-friend and foe alike-within their blast radius. In addition to the four primary damage types, two additional ordinance variants include capacitor draining and target lock breaking bombs. Carriers will be able to revert to triage mode, in which its logistic and defensive capabilities are greatly enhanced at the expense of nearly all of its firepower.

  • Stealth bombers can now deploy bombs. The changes to bonuses and attributes are as follows:
    • Bonus: +5% damage to cruise missiles per frigate skill level,
    • Bonus: +5% em/thermal/kinetic/explosive damage to cruise missiles and bomb per covert ops level,
    • Bonus: -99% reduction in cruise launcher powergrid needs,
    • Bonus: -99% reduction in Bomb launcher CPU use,
    • 3 launcher and 2 turret hardpoints,
    • The Nemesis had an increase in 10tf while the Manticore, Purifier and Hound received a 15tf increase,
    • Cargo capacity has been increased as follows:
      • Purifier: 135m3 -> 260m3,
      • Nemesis: 155m3 -> 215m3,
      • Hound: 145m3 -> 195m3,
      • Manticore: 120m3 -> 185m3.
  • Blueprints of the Launcher and the Bombs have been seeded on the market as long with skills required.
  • Bombs cannot be deployed in empire space.
  • Bombs have a 15 second countdown before detonation.
  • Motherships can now fit a Remote ECM Burst module.
  • Motherships now have a bonus of -99% reduction in CPU requirement of Remote ECM Bursts.
  • Only one module can be fitted at all times.
  • The module has these attributes:
    • Range: 75km,
    • Falloff: 150km,
    • ECM Strength: 25,
    • Effect Radius: 20km,
    • Duration: 30 sec.,
    • Reactivation delay: 5 - 10 minutes, dictated by the Projected Electronic Counter Measures skill.
  • Carriers and Motherships can now use Triage mode.
  • Triage mode skill, module and blueprint have been seeded on the market.
  • The ship using the triage mode will be affected in the following manner:
    • Armor/Shield boost amount increased 100%,
    • Armor/Shield boost duration -50%,
    • Unable to move,
    • Consumes 500 Strontium Clathrates,
    • Early deactivation is disallowed,
    • Transfer amount on logistic modules increased 100%,
    • Duration on logistic modules reduced -50%,
    • Maximum active drones set to 0,
    • Scan resolution increased 900%,
    • Maximum targets increased by 4,
    • Capacitor requirements for all modules in the following categories increased by 9.999.900 %
      • Propulsion Jamming,
      • ECM,
      • Remote Sensor Damper,
      • Tracking Disruption,
      • Target Painting.
    • Immune to all offensive modifiers (except Remote ECM Burst)

General Improvements

Dozens of enhancements will be included with Revelations II, ranging from adding faction missiles to loot drops; the introduction of Tech II Sentry and Logistics drones; giving commanders the ability to transfer their gang-boosting role to another pilot; seeding the market with more gas cloud harvesters to encourage booster production; adding rogue drone commanders to exploration complexes; plus many more unique improvements to better the EVE experience for new and veteran players alike.

Other Enhancements

  • A new test server has been added, Multiplicity. It can be found from the server selector list. This server will be used for testing hotfixes for the current Tranquility build. Please remember never log onto a test server with your Tranquility client - copy the Tranquility folder to a new folder and use the new copy.

Additions, Improvements, Changes and Fixes

Note: Changes and additions may be added in the future during the continuing Quality Assurance process. Finalized changes or additions will be highlighted with green text.

Client Changes
Changes to user settings, capture and logs :

    In Windows XP & Windows 2000:

  • User Settings :
    C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Local Settings\Application Data\CCP\EVE
  • Capture and logs:
    C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\My Documents\EVE
    In Windows Vista :

  • User settings :
  • Capture and logs:

This can be reset to the pre-Revelations II location by adding: "/end /LUA:OFF" after the "C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE\eve.exe" target in the target box in your shortcut. After this adjustment, settings and data are saved as they were saved pre-Revelations II. The shortcut should appear aS follows: "C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE\eve.exe" /end /LUA:OFF

Character creation

  • The voice over now correctly matches the displayed text.
  • Gallente > Gallente > Immigrants > Military > Special Forces background selection now correctly gets Science level 2.
  • Caldari > Achura > Inventors > Industry > Engineer background selection now correctly gives Industry 3, the requirement for Mass Production.

New Player Experience

  • The icons for Business/Executive Commander and Military/Soldier are no longer the same.
  • The default position of the fitting window will no longer overlay the default position of the tutorial window.
  • If you log off during the tutorial, it will now continue from where you left it, rather than jumping to the next section.


  • Fixed an error with skills not being trainable after a character transfer.
  • The Marketing skill incorrectly applied to remote buy orders. Procurement is the correct skill.
  • Clarified the description of Electronic Warfare skill to emphasize that ECM and ECM burst are different types of modules and thus are not in general affected by the same skills.


  • Siege Mode now forces Dreadnoughts to have only 2 max locked targets at any given time.
  • Decreased CPU use on Armor Hardeners.
  • Increased CPU use and decreased power need on Energized Adaptive Nano Membranes.
  • Boosted tracking of all pulse lasers by 25%.
  • Reduced power need for Medium Beam Lasers.
  • Interdiction sphere launchers no longer autorepeat and the duration + reactivation delay is now less than 2 minutes before skills are taken into account.
  • Armored Warfare Links now affect targeted armor repair systems as well as personal armor repair systems.
  • Imbalance between shield and armor logistic ships has been resolved. Logistics have been boosted and now support maintenace bots and BS class logistic modules.
  • Improved efficiency of remote armor repairers to be slightly better than shield transporter equivalent. Skill level requirements, range, duration and meta levels now match the shield transporters.
  • Small meta and t2 nosferatu's also get a range bonus now, like the medium and heavy ones.
  • Added CPU requirements to "Shield Power Relays", and balanced the meta levels.
  • Reduced CPU need of "Shield Recharger" mid slot modules.
  • Battlecruiser & Command Ship shield recharge rate changed to 1400 seconds.
  • Minmatar capital ship remote armor/shield bonus changed from duration to amount.
  • "Cormack's Modified Reactor Control Unit" fixed so it boost the same amount as the other top officer reactor control units.
  • Penalties on Expanded Cargoholds have been changed to passive effects, meaning that they apply even when the module is offline, in order to prevent exploits.
  • Added bombs and related skill and module to expand the role of stealthbombers, which have been balanced for the new mission profile.
  • Advances in technology now allow for up to 10 pilots to access the fitting capabilities of a ship maintenance array simultaneously.
  • Added fitting requirements to Reinforced Bulkheads and changed the velocity penalty to a percentage modifier.
  • Reduced cpu need of the plow gas cloud harvester.
  • The Heretic's calibration points has been corrected from 200 to 400 inline with the other interdictors.
  • Small Capacitor Booster II duration changed from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Small Energy Neutralizer II range changed to 6000m.
  • Medium Energy neutralizer cap need and energy destabilization amount increased to 180. Range increased to 12600m.
  • Heavy Energy Neutralizer II range decreased to 25200 meters.
  • Small Nosferatu II drain amount decreased to 9.6 and range decreased to 5500 meters.
  • Nyx's fighter damage bonus reduced to 5%.
  • Increased tracking of Energy Pulse Batteries by 25%.
  • Web strength of Stasis Webifier II increased to -90%.
  • Agility is now displayed as "inertia modifier" in ship attributes tab.
  • It now says in carrier and mothership description that the energy/shield and armor transfer range bonus only applies to capital sized modules.
  • Typo in gleam ammo fixed.
  • The following meta modules 'Spiegel' Thermic Deflection I and 'Contour' Thermic Dispersion I have been changed from thermal plating to EM plating and renamed.
  • Small and Medium Mobile Warp Disruptors had their skill requirements reduced slightly.
  • Repair cycle time of Armor Maintenace Bots has been reduced to 5 seconds and transfer amount has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Increased warp speed of stealth bombers to 6AU/s so they are in line with frigate warp speed.
  • Changed range and rate of fire on turret Mobile Batteries to be in line with module equivalents.
  • Freighter wrecks can now be looted by freighters where the loot was more than the biggest industrial hold.
  • Ships with items other than assembled container in their cargohold can now be stored inside a carrier or a Mothership.
  • A rare occurrence where crashing while boarding a ship causes a player not to be able to log in has been resolved.
  • You can no longer be able to store ships in ship maintenance bays when there are assembled containers inside them.
  • Freighters can now scoop unanchored starbase structures. Note that the requirement of being within 50km to an online control tower is still present.
  • Players can now store ships with items in the cargohold in ship maintenance bays/arrays.
  • Titans can no longer fire doomsday devices remotely.
  • Titans can not jump for the next 10 minutes after firing a doomsday device.
  • The description of the Tempest has been corrected.
  • The description of the carriers now correctly identifies that the transfer module bonus only applies to the capital variants.
  • The Pilgrim now displays all 3 turrets (assuming you have 3 turrets fitted).
  • Chimera model has been fixed. Centerpoint was moved to the center, and the model size increased to match the other carriers.
  • The Bhaalgorn now displays its 8th turret correctly.
  • You can now cancel the insurance on your ship if you paid it. You cannot cancel if the ship is insured by the corporation.

Modules and Rigs

  • Gas cloud harvester can be bought from pirate stations.
  • Warp bubbles and interdiction spheres now prevent all ships from jumping, including Titans and Motherships.
  • Warp bubbles and interdiction spheres launched in close proximity now work correctly.
  • All remote armor repairers, capital and not, should now be effected by Armored Warfare Links.
  • Cargo scans will correctly scan cargo containers inside cargoholds.
  • Directional scanning will now display secure cargo containers.
  • The description of the 'Plow' Gas Cloud Harvester has been corrected.
  • The Focused Medium Pulse I and the Focused Medium Beam I have had their graphics switched, as they were the wrong way round.
  • Shield transfer graphics should now display correctly, rather than pass through the ship models.
  • Micro shield transporters now have correct meta levels assigned.
  • The attributes of Nosferatu modules have been modified. How? The Undead prefer to keep their secrets.
  • Modules that require charges no longer get stuck in the reloading mode if the autoreload option is ON.


  • Fighters and Drones will now use their MWD to return to the ship correctly.
  • Fighters will correctly follow the carrier into and through warp.
  • When delegating fighters, the drone UI will now automatically resize.
  • When jumping out of a system where you had fighters assigned to you, the drone UI will now auto update to reflect that you no longer have your wingmen.
  • Work has been done to reduce the lag effects experienced when issuing commands to drones using the UI. Also, launching/retrieving drones should not suffer from as much lag now.
  • Fighters engaging Starbase structures will now follow their controller into warp rather than staying and continuing to fight. Note, they will stay and fight until ordered otherwise.


  • All commanders can now initiate broadcasts. Their icons are labeled with S/W/F respectively followed with a number of the commander. The broadcast is only visible to each wing or squad. Fleet Commander can still broadcast to all members of the fleet.
  • Gang boosters can now be assigned in each fleet, wing and squadron respectively. There can be only one of each type in each fleet, wing and squadron.
  • An exception caused when converting a 2 man gang into a fleet has been fixed.
  • Fixed an unprocessed string in the gang broadcast settings.


  • A bug with roles allowing contents of containers to be taken when the roles to do so have been removed has been fixed.
  • A bug in starting an unlock vote from the corporation management window has been fixed.
  • A graphic bug in the Corporation interface - 'Find member in role' where buttons and drop down options appeared outside the window was fixed.
  • You can no longer disband a corporation if it has outstanding contracts.
  • An issue has been fixed where wars cost more then they where supposed when declaring war on a corporation that had ongoing wars it self..
  • Plastic wraps located inside a corporation hangar no longer breaks the corporation window if it is viewed in the assets tab.

Starbases and Player Owned Structures

  • Logging out inside a starbase forcefield will now not activate an emergency warp, provided that you have rights to stay inside the forcefield.
  • Outposts can now be handed over to another corp. by the owner of the outpost through the outpost management window.
  • Ship maintenance array now can support up to 10 users at time.
  • BPC's are now retrievable if you made them at a starbase owned by another member of your alliance.
  • Combat structures will now use a random timer before initiating action. They used to all fire as soon as possible, but this was a bug in the timing system.
  • Security status is no longer affected for killing starbase structures belonging to a war target.
  • Attacking the starbase of a war target in high security space would occasionally result in a global criminal flag. This no longer occurs.
  • Fitting a probe launcher at a ship maintenance array works correctly once more.
  • Structures are now sorted correctly by power or cpu in the Structures tab inside Control Tower management window.
  • The range within which freighters can perform cargo operations has been changed from 30km to 50km to allow them to interact with structures outside of control tower forcefields.
  • Fixed an issue with lab slots in mobile laboratories that had added restrictions to them would not be displayed in the installations tab.
  • DED mails are no longer sent out when towers are brought online, wrongly informing the owner that the tower is being attacked.
  • Access to Refining Arrays can now be granted based on roles in the Access tab of control towers manage window.
  • An issue with entries becoming misaligned when scrolling through the Access tab of control towers manage window has been fixed.
  • A warning is now issued if it is attempted to anchor outpost platforms at a location they can not be anchored.
  • Docking permission can now be configured to allow docking based on standing instead of either allow only corporation members or everyone.
  • You can now scoop mobile warp disruptors to cargo if they were launched for corporation.
  • The time remaining is displayed if you try to re-anchor an already anchoring Outpost Construction Platform.
  • Launchers fitted at a ship maintenance array will now function properly.
  • When a control tower destroys a ship with no other parties involved, a killmail is now sent to the CEO and directors of the corporation owning the control tower.


  • You can now list contracts issued "to" and "by" at the same time under the my contracts tab.
  • The description of Item Exchange contracts has been made more informative.
  • An error with trying to loan a repackaged ship has been fixed.
  • Searching by alliance when you are not in one now returns an error message, rather than all available contracts.
  • The items list will no longer refresh if the contents of the hanger is changed. You will have to reselect the hanger to refresh the contents.
  • Megathron Navy Issue (Blueprint) now shows up on the select screen.
  • Cosmos modules are now searchable.
  • Archon and Phoenix are now correctly found under the contracts search.
  • Trying to repair a ship while it was also selected as part of a contract you are setting up would cause the repair to fail. This has been fixed.
  • The Issued By filter in the My Contracts tab was showing all contracts issued by all members of the corporation, this has now been changed to show only contracts issued on behalf of the corp.
  • Items in the Identification group were published to allow placement in contracts. Example items are Bandit Spur and Punk ID Slice.
  • All unpublished types in the Commodities/Miscellaneous group are now published and can be placed in contracts. This includes the majority of unique agent mission items.
  • Set Mining Foreman Mindlink, Republic Special Ops Field - Gamma and Imperial Special Ops Field Enhancer - Gamma implants to show on contracts selection list.


The following items have been added to the market:

  • Blueprints
    • Triage Module I Blueprint
    • Remote ECM Burst I Blueprint
    • Bomb Launcher I Blueprint
    • Concussion Bomb Blueprint
    • Electron Bomb Blueprint
    • Scorch Bomb Blueprint
    • Shrapnel Bomb Blueprint
    • Lockbreaker Bomb Blueprint
    • Void Bomb Blueprint
    • Small Remote Hull Repair System I Blueprint
    • Medium Remote Hull Repair System I Blueprint
    • Large Remote Hull Repair System I Blueprint
    • Capital Remote Hull Repair System I Blueprint
    • Stasis Drone Augmentor I Blueprint
    • Station Warehouse Blueprint has been seeded on the market and can now be manufactured in outposts in 0.0 regions.
  • Skills
    • Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration
    • Projected Electronic Counter Measures
    • Bomb Deployment
    • Remote Hull Repair Systems
    • Capital Remote Hull Repair Systems
    • Starbase Defense Management
    • Thermodynamics
  • Structures
    • Cynosural Generator Array
    • Cynosural System Jammer
    • Energy Neutralizing Array
    • Jump Bridge
    • System Scanner Array
  • Outpost Upgrades
    • Rank 1-3 Outpost Upgrade Platforms
    • Racial Outpost Improvement Platforms
  • Various
    • Triage Module I
    • Remote ECM Burst I
    • Bomb Launcher I
    • Concussion Bomb
    • Electron Bomb
    • Scorch Bomb
    • Shrapnel Bomb
    • Lockbreaker Bomb
    • Void Bomb
    • Small Remote Hull Repair System I
    • Medium Remote Hull Repair System I
    • Large Remote Hull Repair System I
    • Capital Remote Hull Repair System I
    • Ship Scanner II
    • Survey Scanner II
    • Faction Missiles
    • Tech 2 Sentry Drones
    • Tech 2 Logistic Drones
  • Sort by range on the market now works correctly.
  • The green highlighting of available buy orders has been fixed.
  • Removed Mining Foreman: Drone Coordination Module and Blueprint from market as they were not meant to be available.
  • The SCC has revoked the licence for trading of the Guardian Vexor Class Cruiser on all approved markets.

Stop skimming and keep reading!

Science & Industry

  • Newly purchased BP's will display correctly in the S&I interface.
  • Blueprints with an ME of -1 will no longer have 0% wastage. They now have the correct 20% waste
  • The interface will now correctly display the 'Max. Manufacturing Jobs' and 'Max. Research Jobs' on the 'Blueprints' and 'Corporate Blueprints' tabs.
  • The destroyer blueprint job times have been updated and balanced leading to decreased run times on some research job types.
  • The job time of all tech 1 crystal, hybrid, projectile ammo, missiles and drones blueprints have been updated and balanced to provide consistent run times between the different types of S&I job for these items.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the 'Getting Quote' bar to freeze.
  • An obscure error with the S&I window breaking when trying to install a remote blueprint for research at another station then your or the blueprints location has been fixed.
  • The S&I interface will no longer freeze if the Enter key is used to "click" the ok button in the S&I window when installing a job.
  • Blueprints in manufacture when an office expires are now moved to the Impound, rather than disappearing.
  • Plush compound now yields significant amount of tritanium and a decent amount of pyrite. The amount of zydrine has been reduced.
  • Lustering Alloy has had its zydrine amount lowered.
  • Waste factor on projectile turret blueprints increased to 10 inline with other similar blueprints.
  • Time productivity requirements of tech 2 armor plates has been corrected inline with normal requirements .
  • Meta level of some shield power relay variations has been corrected .
  • Changed manufacture times on the strip miner I and ice harvester I to be inline with other modules .
  • Occator invention BPC requirement fixed from Iteron to Iteron MK III, the same ship it uses to build the Occator.
  • Warp Core Stabilizer II Blueprints incorrectly required Astronautic Engineering rather than Quantum Physics for some aspects of science and industry.
  • Jaspet and Crokite mining crystals didn't require an R.A.M. for manufacturing.
  • Miner II can now be invented from miner I bpc's, the production and research requirements of the Miner II have been increased in line with other tech 2 items.
  • A bug where Interdictors could not be invented from destroyer BPC invention has been resolved.
  • Strip Miner I & Ice Harvester I blueprint production/research/copy times should now be inline with other similar modules.
  • Added T2 Sentry drones and Maintenace Bots.
  • Removed the Large "reprieve" Vestment Reconstructor II and Medium Nano Armor Repair Unit II from the market and relegated them to tech 1 status.
  • Armor Rigs now require Armor Plates or Intact Armor Plates in place of charred micro circuits and micro circuits in their manufacture.
  • Unused mining crystals can now be recycled.
  • Non-singleton (packaged) BPO's now appear correctly in the S&I interface.


  • Tech 2 Ammo can now be invented.
  • Tech 2 Drones can now be invented.
  • Armor Rig Manufacture now uses armor plates not micro circuits.
  • BP's with negative PE will now display the production time correctly.
  • The skill requirements for invention are now displayed on the invention tab of a blueprint.
  • The Occator incorrectly required an Iteron BPc. This has been corrected to the Iteron MkIII BPc.
  • Large Hull Repairer II can now be invented from the tech 1 version.
  • 1200mm Artillery Cannon II can be invented from the 1200mm I BPc without errors when attempting to install the job.


  • The world map context menu has been fixed
  • Agent sites and Cosmos complexes are now 2 separate reports.
  • Fixed a typo on the map in the description of The Syndicate.

Agents and Missions

  • A range of new hardwirings for non-military applications are now available through the LP Store.
  • All pathfinder gates that were found in missions have been replaced with acceleration gates.
  • A potential problem in the mission Illegal Activity p1 (lvl 3), where the NPCs would not spawn if you destroyed a certain structure, has been fixed.
  • The spawnrate for normal (non-boss) rats in the Serpentis Narcotic Warehouses has been increased.
  • The drop chance for the Holy Statue, used in the mission Unearthing the Ancients (2 of 3), has been raised.
  • The spawn delay of the entities in the treasure room of the Contested Amarr complex in Koona has been raised somewhat.
  • The Contested Amarr Sanguine Vaults will now allow battlecruisers and no longer indicate that it allows carriers.
  • All pirate exploration dungeons have been revamped, they now have less amount of NPC's and a chance of a commander spawn has been added to each escalation step.
  • Static complexes from 3/10 to 10/10 difficulty have been removed from static locations. COSMOS complexes remain unaffected.
  • Meta versions of the mining upgrade and ice harvester upgrade are now available dropped in loot by certain entities.
  • Implemented Rogue Drone difficulty 9 dungeons for phase 1 of exploration encounters.
  • Implemented Rogue Drone difficulty 10 dungeons for phase 1 of exploration encounters.
  • Growing Interest in the field of Mechanical Engineering Research has lead to more agents within the Amarr, Caldari and Gallente factions beginning research into this highly demanded area alongside their current projects.
  • Added in a popup text for EP 31.2 - Angel Watch that indicates the player is supposed to do something to a certain LCO, preventing unneccessary confusion.
  • Fixed a bugged exploration distribution in the drone regions - the 8/10 Escalation site had a sig radius of 0, making it impossible to find.
  • Guristas and Caldari Navy faction NPC's now have a chance of dropping faction missiles in loot and the SCC has approved them for sale on the market.
  • The Guristas Extravaganza attacked triggers have been changed to the exploding trigger.
  • The following missions have been revamped: Guardian Angels Surveillance Squad EP 1-3, Toxic Waste Scandal! EP 1-3, Religious Fury EP 1-3, Consequences Smonsequences EP 1-3, True Power HQ EP 1-3, Contract Killers EP 1-3.
  • Rent-A-Dream Pleasure Gardens had an overly high shield rechargerate, this has been fixed. The fix will also affect Kruul's Pleasure Gardens.
  • Fixed the acceleration gate in room 2 of the Serpentis Corporation Core Centre for Concentration of Confiscated Stash complex.
  • Removed the confusing part of the objectives for the Worlds Collide missions, where you were told to clear the pirates roaming the wreck in the last room, when in fact you only had to clear some of them.
  • Fixed the mission objectives for the Gone Berserk missions, so that it becomes a little clearer what your objectives are.
  • Mission info page will now properly display all factions involved with the mission.
  • Agent grammar and spelling has been improved.
  • Fixed an error in the Illegal Activity 3/3 mission that allowed some of the NPCs to be bypassed.
  • Changed the agent offer "Bark Becomes Bite" so that is asks for Karmone Tismer's insigna, rather than Karzo Sarums.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the "escalation message" of the last room in the Angel Provincial HQ escalation sequence.
  • Added a completion trigger to destroying the Trucker Gate of the exploration site EP 43.4 - Guristas Military Complex, so that if the player destroys the gate before all of the NPCs have spawned they will still be able to complete the dungeon.
  • Changed the mission Smuggler Interception. The mission requires you to bring back 10 militants instead of 10 Holoreels. This should will make the mission objective simpler for newer players.
  • Certain mission encounters for the War situation missions had no or incomplete objective text, causing some players to scratch their head in confusion. This has been fixed.

Non Player Characters

  • Various faction military organization NPCs were missing loot tables. They should now drop loot upon destruction.
  • Various new NPCs have been added. This included new commanders, carriers and freighters.
  • NPC: Gurista Arrogator and Imputor - and variants - weapon range and tracking speed fixed to be suitable for newer players.
  • Energy Neutralizer sentry guns have been added to the armament of NPC corporations.
  • Opulent Compound has had its drop chance reduced on Rogue Drones battleships.
  • Faction Missiles have been added to the loot drop tables.
  • Drop rate of various items needed for gas cloud harvesting and booster production has been increased.
  • An NPC loot table that had a chance of dropping carbonized lead m blueprint original has been fixed, so that it no longer has any chance of dropping that BP.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing security status and standings not to be gained when shooting NPCs.
  • Commander Frigates and Battlecruisers no longer leave an incorrectly sized wreck.
  • Asteroid Belt Commander Battleship NPCs for the Pirate Factions now have their own groups and have been assigned proper wreck types.
  • Tower Sentry Gun's no longer leave wrecks when destroyed.
  • EW spawns in some missions, complexes and exploration "dungeons" will be less frequent.
  • Asteroid belt NPC battleships now have the correct sized icon.

Your powers of perseverance are impressive!

Exploration and Escalating Paths

  • The expedition timer for escalating path exploration sites has been changed to 24 hours.
  • Chance of first escalation was reduced while the later escalations are now easier to get.
  • Rewards in escalating path dungeons have been increased.
  • Modified the probe results display to more clearly show the accuracy of the result.
  • Fixed the version names of Gas Cloud Sites.
  • Fixed the version names of mini profession and generic pirate sites in 0.0 COSMOS.


  • The background stars in space cause a significantly lower drop in FPS.
  • The 'star' effects of planets and moons (and suns) on the solar system map view have been removed.
  • The strip miner effect no longer persists on the solar system view.
  • Flashes from Citadel Torpedo's when they explode have been toned down.
  • Some stations have had their exit point moved to reduce/prevent ships getting caught on the stations during undock.
  • Sun is now occluded by planets, which removes the flickering effect experienced sometimes when a planet was placed between the sun and the observer.
  • The graphics for planets that had rings has been fixed so that the rings are now displayed properly. The graphics corruption present at the edge of some planets, depending on where the sun is relative to the viewer's angle, has also been fixed.

User Interface

  • Fitting Window
    • Default position of the fitting window will no longer cause part of it to be off-screen.
    • The fitting window will no longer show remote modules as affecting your own ship.
  • Overview
    • The overview is now 'in front' of the in space icons. This will prevent accidental targeting of the wrong target when the icon and the overview entry are in the same place on screen.
    • Better error handling has been added to the overview to prevent further occurrences of the overview reporting nothing found when switching between saved settings.
    • Fixed an occasional error when switching between 'mark wreck as viewed' and 'not viewed'.
    • The following non-functional options have been removed from the Celestial group in the overview: Asteroid OLD, Global Warp Disruptor and Planetary Cloud.
  • Reprocessing Window
    • Some text on the reprocessing window was being clipped. This has been corrected and it now displays properly.
    • The tech 2 icon no longer overlaps the select checkbox in the reprocessing window.
  • Chat, Journal and EVEmail
    • Fixed a bug where pasting a lot of text as a message would break your chat window, forcing you to close it or re-log in order to chat again.
    • Fixed a problem where changing the font width in the system menu would remove any typed text in a petition window, or unsent messages in the chat channel.
    • The journal will now allow you to resize the columns.
    • The correct faction icon is now displayed on the EVEmail sent when you are caught smuggling and have you goods confiscated.
  • Wallet
    • A "View Market Details" entry should be on entries in the Wallet transaction log and on entries in the "My Orders" tab in the market.
    • The wallet journal can now be exported into an excel document.
  • Modal Windows
    • Opening divisions in corp->accounts->assets->offices has been fixed to show proper entries.
    • Show info will no longer crash if passed bad corpID's.
    • A memory leak in the client caused by splitting a stack and trying to enter a negative number has been fixed.
    • the counter of large stacks of items will no longer spill out of the icon.
  • Other User Interface Changes and Enhancements
    • Using the mouse with the Pan and Tilt camera no longer causes items to be selected in you cargohold as the mouse passes over them.
    • All the entries on the system popup menu are now active. Previously, only the last 30 or so would be active.
    • The office tab now sorts correctly when first selected.
    • Turret/launcher capacity has been added to the compare tool.
    • Some error messages have been fixed to show the message, not the label.


  • Fixed an error were submitting an empty petition would break the petition window.


  • Some wreck names were being incorrectly translated. This will no longer occur.
  • On the German client, the confirmation buttons no longer stretch outside of box.
  • When in-station, cargo hold window title is now correctly translated.
  • Multiple corrections and updates have been made to the German translations.

Don't stop now or the fedo gets it!


  • Using the TQ IP instead of the name will no longer break EveVoice.
  • The autopilot can now be set to have the destination as the same system as you are in.
  • If you try and log in on a banned account, you will be informed of the duration of the ban.
  • Auto patching a client with non-European (Unicode) characters in the directory name will now work correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where the calculator would lag, and some button presses would be lost.
  • Fixed the name of the Republic Military School. It had too many 'Schools'.
  • The Republic University School in Edmalbrurdus - Heimatar region have talked to their workers and have arranged for more factory slots to be put in (it only has one at present).
  • Amarr factory outpost production lines have been corrected.
  • Corrected a typo in the character search window.
  • In rare cases the offices tab inside stations would not load, this has now been fixed.
  • Asteroid distribution in the eight new regions also known as the rogue drone regions has been redone, rare end asteroid types such as arkonor should be much larger than before.
  • Moved the CS1 docking locator further out, to try and reduce problems with undocking and bumping the station while aligning for warp.


What, you didn't honestly think we were going to list the exploit fixes before the patch, did you?