C'est le studio Flying Wild Hog (composé de développeurs qui ont travaillé sur Bulletstorm et The Witcher 2) qui vient tout juste d'annoncer son premier jeu Hard Reset.

Il s'agira d'un FPS dans un univers cyberpunk exclusif au PC et qui sortira en Septembre 2011.


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Warsaw, Poland - July 13. Flying Wild Hog announced its debut game, the dark sci-fi first-person shooter, Hard Reset. The PC-exclusive title transports players to a haunting, dystopian future, with humanity on the verge of extinction, confined to its last standing city and under constant threat from the robotic hordes that aim to annihilate mankind. Hard Reset is scheduled for release in September 2011.

In the only remaining human city of Bezoar, Major Fletcher, an Army Combat Veteran and soldier of the CLN, is dragged into a conflict between two of mankind's greatest enemies. He is to discover that nothing is what it seems to be.

Hard Reset may be Flying Wild Hog's debut title, but the 35-person studio is comprised of veterans of Warsaw's bustling development scene, with past experience at such renowned developers as People Can Fly, CD Projekt RED and City Interactive, where they worked on acclaimed games like Bulletstorm, Painkiller, The Witcher 2, Sniper and more. Hard Reset is built upon the studio's own Road Hog technology, which delivers stunning visuals that bring the game's incredible atmosphere to life.

Given the game's rapidly approaching release date, expect much more information and footage of Hard Reset in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, visit and follow the game's progress on Twitter and Facebook.

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