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Look up at The Sky...
There must be a fantasy.

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Texte épique

Ou poétique. 

Ensiferum, c'est bien,

C'est de la musique de bourrin!

Hero In A Dream

A witch read from the palm of his hand
that his life would turn into darkness
and alone he would face all demons
from his past that he tries to forget
An elder king warned of the dangers
that lie in the valleys of north and
his only chance was to find his shadow
so he had to set forth

He is the man who travels in the land
of dragons and magic spells
He rides in the winds of fire and snow
and he rules the forest of elves

Slash of the golden sword
a flash in the burning night
Curse of the evil lord
He is fighting for his life for the last time

Oh such beauty in time, but it's just external
He cannot see the truth with his eyes, so he is bound by a lie

The snow starts falling in paradise, as he gazes at the stars
He will be born again in the sky, when the night turns into a dawn

On the way to the ancient castle of time
he will soon be damned by rage
so that his pride could betray him
when it's time to set him free
The fears in his mind had to be pushed aside
as he walked through the gates
He will never die
'cause he is truly a Hero in a Dream

Little Dreamer

Once there was a boy back in time of the heathens
Day after day he just kept dreaming things that would make him weaker
His father could not make him see, that there is more than dreams
But he wouldn't listen to the words of his father, 'cause he's a little dreamer

Along his quest for solitude
A wise man came and told him to follow the stars

He ran to the forest with whirlwinds by his side
He's lost in this world of lies
Take him back where rivers flow upwards
He is the one who lives
under a moonless sky looking for time
Take him back where stars are shining bright

Far in the lands of icetop mountains far on the other side
pictures are appearing so serenely into my mind
Far in the lands of meadows of fire deep in forgotten life
memories are drifting away so silently from light

Along his path of misery
A wise man came and told him to follow... the stars
Little Dreamer...


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Je les vois dans 3 semaines <3

Petri Lindroos <3


L'actualité trépidante du jeu vidéo oblige à la plus grande prudence.
Le but de ce blog est donc de proposer à tous les joueurs en quête de la vérité des news de qualité, vérifiées et objectives.
Mais la rigueur de ces articles n'empêche pas néanmoins d'exposer des avis affutés et des critiques constructives qui ne manqueront pas d'élargir l'esprit des gameblogueurs ouverts aux thèses les plus audacieuses.

Si ce blog reste un oasis d'où jailli une source intarrissable de savoir, il n'en reste pas moins un havre accueillant où les sens seront nourris d'illustrations de qualité, bien que portés plutôt sur un look en particulier.

Quand l'actualité (toujours trépidante, rappelons-le) me laissera quelque latitude, je parlerai aussi d'animation et de sujets autrement plus graves comme... Euh... Le jeu vidéo, tiens. Ou les mechas.... (c'est important les mechas, vu les  films de merde qui sortent en ce moment...)

Sur ce...