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FIRST @ TSSZ: Registered to Sega

Tristan Oliver | January 30, 2010

And We Can Prove a Sega Employee Helped Register It

 About Sega not being able to keep a secret...

TSSZ News has independently verified and confirmed that the domain has been registered within Sega-likely affirming Sonic the Hedgehog 4 will be the official title of Project Needlemouse.

The most damning evidence of a Sega link is simply typing the domain name into your address bar.  Popping in or otherwise linking to the domain offers a redirect to Sega's front page.  For most, that would be enough to confirm a link-but it could also be an outside prank, done without Sega's knowledge.  And as others in community forums have pointed out, domains such as Sonicthehedgehog5 all the way up to Sonicthehedgehog10 also point to Sega's main website.

So, we decided to dig a little deeper.  This particular domain is a bit different.

A quick WHOIS lookup of not only reveals the .net and .org equivalents haven't been scooped up and that it was first registered January 21 of this year-but it also reveals a lot of personal details on who registered.

The WHOIS search-all public record, as of the time of this article's publication-reveals a man by the name of Brandon Klein allegedly scooped up the domain, left an address based in San Francisco, and left a cell phone number based out of New York.  TSSZ News will not publish that phone number.

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