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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Novembre 2020

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Knights and BikesXB1Double Fine05/11/20
DIRT 5PC, PS4, XB1, STADIACodemasters06/11/20
Assassin's Creed ValhallaPC, PS4, XB1, XBS, STADIAUbisoft10/11/20
Devil May Cry 5 Special EditionXBSCapcom10/11/20
DIRT 5XBSCodemasters10/11/20
FuserPC, Switch, PS4, XB1Harmonix10/11/20
Gears 5XBSMicrosoft10/11/20
GhostrunnerSwitchAll in! Games10/11/20
Observer System ReduxXBS, PCBloober Team10/11/20
Star Wars Episode 1 : RacerXBSLucasArts10/11/20
Tetris Effect ConnectedXBS, PC, XB1Enhance Games10/11/20
Watch Dogs LegionXBSUbisoft10/11/20
XIII (Remake)XB1, PS4, PC, MacMicroïds10/11/20
Yakuza Like a DragonPS4, XBS, XB1, PCSega10/11/20
BugsnaxPS4, PCYoung Horses12/11/20
Entraînement Cérébral du Professeur RubikPC, PS4, XB1, Mac, SwitchMicroïds12/11/20
GodfallPCGearbox Publishing12/11/20
Marvel's Spider-Man : Miles MoralesPS5, PS4Sony IE12/11/20
The PathlessPS4, PC, Apple ARCAnnapurna Interactive12/11/20
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold WarPS4, XB1, PCActivision13/11/20
Game & Watch : Super Mario Bros.G&WNintendo13/11/20
Kingdom Hearts Melody of MemoryPS4, XB1, SwitchSquare Enix13/11/20
Super Mario Bros.DiversNintendo13/11/20
Star Wars Jedi : Fallen OrderSTADIAE.A.14/11/20
Mortal Kombat 11 UltimatePC, PS4, XB1, STADIA, XBS, SwitchNetherRealm Studios17/11/20
Serious Sam CollectionSwitchCroteam17/11/20
Assassin's Creed ValhallaPS5Ubisoft19/11/20
Astro's PlayroomPS5Sony IE19/11/20
BugsnaxPS5Young Horses19/11/20
Demon's SoulsPS5Sony IE19/11/20
Devil May Cry 5 Special EditionPS5Capcom19/11/20
DIRT 5PS5Codemasters19/11/20
GodfallPS5Gearbox Publishing19/11/20
Marvel's Spider-ManPS5Sony IE19/11/20
Mortal Kombat 11 UltimatePS5NetherRealm Studios19/11/20
Observer System ReduxPS5Bloober Team19/11/20
Sackboy : A Big AdventurePS5, PS4SCE19/11/20
Star RenegadesSwitch, XB1Raw Fury19/11/20
The PathlessPS5Annapurna Interactive19/11/20
Hyrule Warriors L'Ère du FléauSwitchNintendo20/11/20
Katamari Damacy RerollPS4, XB1Bandai Namco20/11/20
Football Manager 2021PC, MacSega24/11/20
Star RenegadesPS4Raw Fury25/11/20
Picross S5SwitchNintendo26/11/20
CannibalPC, XB1, PS4, SwitchFantastico Studio11/2020
Football Manager 2020 MobileAndroid, iPad, iPhoneSega11/2020
Football Manager 2020 TouchAndroid, iPhone, iPad, Switch, PCSega11/2020
ProtoCorgiPC, SwitchKOCH11/2020
The Witcher III : Wild HuntPS5, XBSCD Projekt11/2020