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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Octobre 2019

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Call of Duty : MobileAndroid, iPhone, iPadActivision01/10/19
Destiny 2 : Bastion des OmbresPS4, PC, XB1Bungie01/10/19
What the Golf ?PCTriband01/10/19
Galaxy Champions TVSwitchaQuadiun03/10/19
Neo CabPC, Switch, Apple ARCFellow Traveller03/10/19
Super Robot Taisen VSwitchBandai Namco03/10/19 
Ghost Recon : BreakpointPC, PS4, XB1Ubisoft04/10/19
Ghostbusters : The Video Game RemasteredXB1, PS4, PC, SwitchMad Dog Games04/10/19
IndivisiblePS4, XB1, PC, Mac08/10/19
John Wick HexPCGood Shepherd08/10/19
The Bradwell ConspiracyPC, PS4, XB1, Switch, Apple ARCBossa studios08/10/19
Trine 4 : The Nightmare PrincePC, XB1, PS4, SwitchModus Games08/10/19
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible LairPS4, XB1, PC, SwitchTeam 1708/10/19
Concrete GeniePS4Pixelopus09/10/19
Asgard's WrathOculusOculus10/10/19
Disney Tsum Tsum FestivalSwitchBandai Namco10/10/19
Legend of Keepers : ProloguePCGoblinz Studio10/10/19
Yo-Kai WatchSwitchLevel-510/10/19 
GRIDPC, XB1, PS4Codemasters11/10/19
The Alliance Alive HD RemasterPS4, SwitchFuRyu,NIS America11/10/19
39 Days to MarsPS4It's anecdotal15/10/19
Baldur's Gate I & II Enhanced EditionXB1, PS4, SwitchDeep Silver15/10/19
Baldur's Gate II : Enhanced EditionPS4, XB1, SwitchSkybound15/10/19
Chikara : Action Arcade WrestlingPCReverb Triple XP15/10/19
Children of MortaPS4, XB111 bit studios15/10/19
Disco ElysiumPCZA/UM15/10/19
Grandia HD RemasterPCGungHo Online Entertainment15/10/19
Outer WildsPS4Annapurna Interactive15/10/19
SpectroHTC Vive, OculusBorrow Light Studios15/10/19
The Witcher III : Wild Hunt - Complete EditionSwitchNintendo15/10/19
Little Town HeroSwitchNintendo16/10/19
Felix the ReaperPS4, XB1, PC, SwitchDaedalic17/10/19
Harvest Moon : Friends of Mineral TownSwitchMarvelous17/10/19 
Space InterventionSwitch17/10/19
A Hat in TimeSwitch, SwitchHumble Bundle,Gears for Breakfast18/10/19
Manifold GardenPC, MacWilliam Chyr18/10/19
Plants vs. Zombies : Battle for NeighborvillePS4, PC, XB1E.A.18/10/19
Return of the Obra DinnSwitch, PS4, XB13909 LLC18/10/19
Ring Fit AdventureSwitchNintendo18/10/19
Call of CthulhuSwitchFocus19/10/19
EastshadePS4, XB1Eastshade21/10/19
Moons of MadnessPCFuncom22/10/19
Sky RacketPCDouble Dash Studios22/10/19
The Legend of Heroes : Trails of Cold Steel IIIPS4, PS4NIS America,Falcom22/10/19
WWE 2K20PS4, XB1, PCYuke's22/10/19
Lonely Mountains : DownhillPS4, XB1, PCThunderful23/10/19
Call of Duty : Modern WarfarePS4, XB1, PCActivision25/10/19
Fallout Legacy CollectionPCBethesda25/10/19
MediEvilPS4Sony IE25/10/19
The Outer WorldsPS4, XB1, PC25/10/19
AfterpartyPC, PS4, XB1, SwitchNight School Studio29/10/19
Aladdin and The Lion KingPS4, XB1, Switch, PCDigital Eclipse29/10/19
Close to the SunPS4, XB1, SwitchWired Productions29/10/19
Disgaea 4 Complete +PS4, SwitchNIS America29/10/19
Gwent : The Witcher Card GameiPhone, iPadCDPR29/10/19
Resident Evil 5SwitchCapcom29/10/19
Resident Evil 6SwitchCapcom29/10/19
Super Monkey Ball : Banana Blitz HDPS4, Switch, XB1Sega29/10/19
Luigi's Mansion 3SwitchNintendo31/10/19
Mr. GoemonSwitch, XB1Hamster31/10/19
OutbuddiesPC, PS4, XB1, SwitchHeadup Games10/2019
Stranded SailsPC, Switch, PS4Rokapublish10/2019