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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Mars 2017

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Horizon Zero DawnPS4SCE01/03/17
Robo RecallPC, OculusEpic01/03/17
The Incredible Adventures of Van HelsingPS401/03/17
Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare - SabotagePC, XB1Activision02/03/17
The EscapistsiPhone, iPad, AndroidTeam 1702/03/17
Turok : Dinosaur HunterXB1Night Dive Studios02/03/17
1-2 SwitchSwitchNintendo03/03/17
Human Resource MachineSwitchTomorrow Corporation03/03/17
I Am SetsunaSwitchSquare Enix03/03/17
Just Dance 2017SwitchUbisoft03/03/17
Little InfernoSwitch2DBoy03/03/17
New Frontier Days : Founding PioneersSwitchArc System03/03/17
Shovel Knight : Specter of TormentSwitchYacht Club Games03/03/17
Shovel Knight : Treasure TroveSwitchYacht Club Games03/03/17
Snipperclips : Les Deux Font La PaireSwitchNintendo03/03/17
Super Bomberman RSwitchKonami03/03/17
The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the WildWiiU, SwitchNintendo03/03/17
The Walking Dead : The Telltale Series - A New Frontier Episode 3 - Au-dessus des loisPC, PS4, XB1, iPad, iPhone, AndroidTelltale03/03/17
VoezSwitchFlyhigh Works03/03/17 
World of GooSwitch2DBoy03/03/17
Ghost Recon : WildlandsXB1, PS4, PCUbisoft07/03/17
Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3XB1, PCCapcom07/03/17
Unearthing MarsPS VRWinking Entertainement07/03/17
FaeriaPCVersus Evil08/03/17
LEGO WorldsPC, XB1, PS4Warner Bros. Games08/03/17
Mafia III : Faster, Baby !PS4, XB1, PCTake-Two08/03/17
Mario Sports Superstars3DSNintendo10/03/17
NieR AutomataPS4Square Enix10/03/17
Streets of RoguePCTiny Build Games10/03/17
To the MoonAndroid, iPhone, iPadFreebird Games12/03/17
Golf ZeroiPad, iPhoneColin Lane13/03/17
Styx : Shards of DarknessPC, PS4, XB1Focus14/03/17
Momodora : Reverie Under the MoonlightPS4Active Gaming Media Inc16/03/17
OxenfreeiPhone, iPad, MacNight School Studio16/03/17
Senran Kagura : Peach Beach SplashPS4Marvelous Entertainment16/03/17 
2DarkPC, Mac, PS4, XB1Gloomy,Bigben17/03/17
Dangan-Ronpa 1 & 2 ReloadPS4NIS America17/03/17
FlatOut 4 : Total InsanityPS4, XB1Strategy First17/03/17
KonaPC, PS4, XB1Ravenscourt17/03/17
Momodora : Reverie Under the MoonlightXB1Active Gaming Media Inc17/03/17
NieR AutomataPCSquare Enix17/03/17
Shadow Warrior 2 : Bounty Hunt Part 1PCDevolver Digital17/03/17
Turok 2 : Seeds of EvilPCNight Dive Studios17/03/17
Monster Hunter XX3DSCapcom18/03/17 
EverythingPS4Double Fine21/03/17
Goat Simulator : Waste of SpacePS4Coffee Stain Studios21/03/17
This is the PolicePS4, XB1EuroVideo Medien22/03/17
Bye-Bye BoxBoy!3DSNintendo23/03/17
Mass Effect AndromedaPS4, XB1, PCE.A.23/03/17
Rock Band VRPC, OculusHarmonix23/03/17
Dreamfall : ChaptersPS4, XB1Deep Silver24/03/17
Toukiden 2PSV, PS4, PCKoei Tecmo Holdings24/03/17
Troll and IPS4, PC, XB1Maximum Games24/03/17
Operation Abyss : New Tokyo LegacyPCNIS America27/03/17
Battlefield 1 : They Shall Not PassPC, PS4, XB1E.A.28/03/17
Blossom TalesPCFDG Entertainment28/03/17
Dark Souls III : The Ringed CityPS4, PC, XB1Bandai Namco28/03/17
Final Fantasy XV : Episode GladiolusPS4, XB1Square Enix28/03/17
MLB The Show 17PS4SCE28/03/17
NarcosisPC, Mac, Oculus, XB128/03/17
Rain WorldPC, PS4Adult Swim Games28/03/17
Rivals of AetherPCDan Fornace28/03/17
Salt and SanctuaryPSVSCE28/03/17
Ghost in the Shell (film - 2017)CinémaParamount29/03/17
Snake PassSwitch, PS4, XB1, PCSumo Digital29/03/17
Beat CopPC11 bit studios30/03/17
Thimbleweed ParkPC, Mac, XB1Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick30/03/17
BattlecursedPCCodex WorldsT1 2017
Digimon World : Next orderPSVBandai NamcoT1 2017
Dragon Quest Heroes I-IISwitchSquare Enix03/2017 
FAST rmxSwitchShin'en03/2017
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIXPS4Square Enix31/03/17
LEGO WorldsSwitchWarner Bros. Games03/2017
Minecraft : Story ModeSwitchMojangT1 2017
MorphiteiPhone, AndroidCrescent Moon GamesT1 2017
RefactorPC, PS4Next Gen PantsT1 2017
Syberia IIIAndroid, Android, iPad, iPhoneMicroïds,Anuman InteractiveT1 2017
The Binding of Isaac : Afterbirth +SwitchNicalis Inc.03/2017
TranscriptedPS4, XB1, WiiUTopware GamesT1 2017
Wonder Boy ReturnsPS4CFK03/2017