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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Février 2016

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Call of Duty : Black Ops III - AwakeningPS4Activision02/02/16
CobaltPC, XB1Mojang02/02/16
Crypt of the NecroDancerPS4, PSVBrace Yourself Games02/02/16
DreiiPC, iPhone, AndroidBitforge02/02/16
Gravity Rush RemasteredPS4SCEJ02/02/16
Messi Space Scooter GameiPad, iPhone, AndroidDittmar Tukker02/02/16
Nitroplus Blasterz : Heroines Infinite DuelPS3nitro+02/02/16 
Nom Nom GalaxyPS4Q-Games02/02/16
Adventures of ManaPSV, iPhone, iPad, AndroidSquare Enix04/02/16 
Agatha Christie - The ABC MurdersPC, PS4, XB1, MacMicroïds05/02/16
Digimon Story : Cyber SleuthPSV, PS4Bandai Namco05/02/16
Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja Storm 4PS4, PC, XB1CyberConnect205/02/16
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm CollectionPS3Bandai Namco05/02/16
The Legend of Legacy3DSNIS America05/02/16
XCOM 2PC, Mac2K Games05/02/16
Assassin's Creed Chronicles : RussiaPC, PS4, XB1Ubisoft09/02/16
Dying Light : Enhanced EditionPS4, PC, XB1Warner Bros.09/02/16
Dying Light : The FollowingPC, PS4, XB1Warner Bros.09/02/16
FirewatchPC, Mac, PS4Panic09/02/16
UnravelPS4, XB1, PCE.A.09/02/16
Arslan : The Warriors of LegendPS4, XB1Koei Tecmo Holdings12/02/16
Earth Defense Force 2 : Invaders from Planet SpacePSVD3 Publisher12/02/16
Earth Defense Force 4.1 : The Shadow of New DespairPS4D3 Publisher12/02/16
Gone Home : Console EditionPS4, XB1Midnight City12/02/16
ChromaGunPC, MacPixel Maniacs16/02/16
Elite Dangerous : ArenaPCFrontier Developments16/02/16
Layers of FearPS4Bloober Team16/02/16
Pillars of Eternity : The White March - Part 2PCObsidian Entertainment16/02/16
Pixel PiracyXB1, PS4505 Game Street16/02/16
Street Fighter VPS4, PCCapcom16/02/16
The Escapists The Walking DeadPS4Team 1716/02/16
Leo's Red Carpet RampageWebThe Line17/02/16
Rocket LeagueXB1Psyonix17/02/16
Devil DaggersPCSorath18/02/16
Plague Inc : EvolvedPC, MacNdemic Creations18/02/16
Return to PoPoLoCrois : A Story of Seasons Fairytale3DSXSEED Games18/02/16
Pokémon Méga Donjon Mystère3DSNintendo19/02/16
Far Cry PrimalPS4, XB1Ubisoft23/02/16
Hitman GOPC, PSV, PS4Square Enix23/02/16
Mega Man Legacy Collection3DSCapcom23/02/16
The Walking Dead MichonnePC, Mac, PS4, XB1, X360, PS3Telltale23/02/16
The Flame in the FloodPC, XB1The Molasses Flood24/02/16
Futurama : Game of DronesiPhone, AndroidWooga25/02/16
Grim DawnPCCrate Entertainment25/02/16
Plants vs Zombies : Garden Warfare 2PS4, XB1, PCE.A.25/02/16
SUPERHOTPCSuperhot Team25/02/16
The Walking Dead MichonneiPad, iPhone, AndroidTelltale25/02/16
Bravely Second : End Layer3DSSquare Enix26/02/16
Lords Mobile : Bataille pour l'empireiPhone, AndroidI Got Games26/02/16
The Town of LightPCLKA26/02/16
HaroldiPad, iPhoneMoon Spider Studio02/2016
Lost in HarmonyAndroidDigiXart02/2016
Portal KnightsPC505 Game Street02/2016
Slashy SoulsiPad, iPad, iPhone, iPhone, Android, AndroidGamestop,Bandai Namco28/02/16