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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Juin 2015

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Echo of SoulPCAeria Games01/06/15
HatredPC, Mac01/06/15
Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare - SupremacyXB1, X360Activision02/06/15
Heroes of the StormPCBlizzard02/06/15
Adventures of PipPC, Mac04/06/15
Hitman : SniperiPad, iPhone, AndroidSquare Enix04/06/15
Lord of Magna : Maiden Heaven3DSMarvelous Entertainment04/06/15
D4 : Dark Dreams Don't DiePC05/06/15
Steins ; GatePS3, PSV5pb.05/06/15
The SwapperXB1Facepalm Games05/06/15
Operation Abyss : New Tokyo LegacyPSVNIS America09/06/15
The Elder Scrolls Online : Tamriel UnlimitedPS4, PC, XB1, MacBethesda09/06/15
Dr. Mario : Miracle Cure3DSNintendo11/06/15
TransistoriPhone, iPadSupergiant Games11/06/15
LEGO Jurassic WorldPS4, XB1, 3DS, WiiU, PS3, X360, PC, PSVWarner Bros. Games12/06/15
One Finger Death PunchiPad, iPhone12/06/15
PayDay 2PS4, XB1505 Game Street12/06/15
PayDay 2 : Crimewave EditionPS4, XB1505 Game Street12/06/15
Fallout ShelteriPad, iPhone, AndroidBethesda15/06/15
Far Cry 4 : Edition IntégralePS4, PCUbisoft18/06/15
Streets of Fury : Extended EditionPC18/06/15
Harvest Moon : La Vallée Perdue3DSNintendo19/06/15
MotoGP 15PS4, PS3, XB1, X360, PC19/06/15
Quiz Jeu VidéoiPad, iPhone, AndroidIndé19/06/15
Tembo The Badass ElephantPS4, XB1, PCSega21/06/15
Batman : Arkham KnightPS4, XB1Warner Bros. Games23/06/15
Final Fantasy XIV : HeavenswardPC, PS3, PS4Square Enix23/06/15
PlanetSide 2PS4Daybreak23/06/15
Tales from the Borderlands : Episode 3 - Catch a RidePC, XB1, X360, PS3, PS4, iPhone, iPad, AndroidTelltale23/06/15
Devil May Cry 4 Special EditionPS4, XB1Capcom24/06/15
Her StoryPC, iPad, iPhone, MacSam Barlow24/06/15
Live A LiveWiiUSquare24/06/15 
Samurai Warriors Chronicles 33DS, PSVTecmo Koei24/06/15
Never AloneWiiUE-Line Media25/06/15
Portal Stories : MelPCIndé25/06/15
Sonic RunnersAndroid, iPhone, iPadSega25/06/15
J-Stars Victory VsPS3, PSV, PS4Namco Bandai26/06/15
Toukiden : KiwamiPCKoei Tecmo Holdings26/06/15
Yoshi's Woolly WorldWiiUNintendo26/06/15
Kerbal Space ProgramPC, MacSquad27/06/15
Star Ocean 5 : Integrity and FaithlessnessPS3Square Enix28/06/15 
Anna's QuestPCDaedalicT2 2015
Dead Island 2PS4, XB1, PCDeep SilverT2 2015
Journey : Collector's EditionPS4SCET2 2015
Le Tour de France 2015PS3, PS4, XB1Focus06/2015
Pro Cycling Manager 2015PCFocus06/2015
RoninPC, Mac, PS4, PSVDevolver Digital06/2015
ScreamrideXB1, X360MicrosoftT2 2015
Subject 13iPad, Android, iPhoneMicroïds06/2015
ToroXB1, PS4, PCReco TechnologyT2 2015