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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Mai 2014

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Don't Starve : Reign of GiantsPC, Mac01/05/14
Jet Car StuntsPCbitComposer01/05/14
Etrian Odyssey Untold : The Millennium Girl3DSAtlus02/05/14
Mario Golf : World Tour3DSNintendo02/05/14
The Amazing Spider-Man 2PC, PS4, PS3, X360, XB1, WiiU, 3DSActivision02/05/14
Full BorePCWhole Hog Games06/05/14
Kentucky Route Zero Act IIIPC, MacCardboard Computer06/05/14
RetryiPhone, iPad, AndroidRovio Mobile06/05/14
Outlast : WhistleblowerPC, PS407/05/14
Peggle 2X360PopCap07/05/14
Tesla Effect : A Tex Murphy AdventurePCAtlus07/05/14
Call of Duty : Ghosts - DevastationPC, PS3, PS4Activision08/05/14
God of War CollectionPSVSCE08/05/14
Last InuaiPad, iPhone08/05/14
The Impossible GamePCIndé08/05/14
Warhammer 40.000 : CarnageiPad, iPhone, Android08/05/14
Bound by FlamePC, X360, PS3, PS4Focus09/05/14
Killer Is DeadPCDeep Silver09/05/14
Kero BlasterPC, iPhoneStudio Pixel11/05/14
The Last Tinker : City of ColorsPC, Mac12/05/14
The Walking Dead : Season 2 - Episode 3 : In Harm's WayPC, MacTelltale13/05/14
Fruit FighterPC, iPhone, Mac14/05/14
Minecraft : PlayStation 3 EditionPS3SCE14/05/14
Monument ValleyAndroidUstwo14/05/14
Soul Sacrifice DeltaPSVSCE14/05/14
Super Time ForceX360, XB114/05/14
The Walking Dead : Season 2 - Episode 3 : In Harm's WayX360, PS3Telltale14/05/14
BattleBlock TheaterPC15/05/14
Conception II : Children of the Seven StarsPSV, 3DSAtlus15/05/14
Dead Island Double PackPS3, X360, PCDeep Silver15/05/14
NASCAR 14PS3, PCDeep Silver15/05/14
Scram Kitty and his Buddy on RailsWiiU15/05/14
The Walking Dead : Season 2 - Episode 3 : In Harm's WayiPhone, iPadTelltale15/05/14
Kirby Triple Deluxe3DSNintendo16/05/14
Alone in the DarkiPadAtari20/05/14
Alone in the Dark (original)iPad, iPhoneAtari20/05/14
TransistorPCSupergiant Games20/05/14
Wolfenstein : The New OrderPC, PS4, X360, PS3, XB1Bethesda20/05/14
Always Sometimes MonstersPCDevolver Digital21/05/14
Drakengard 3PS3Square Enix21/05/14
MacGyveriPhone, iPad, AndroidFairplay Media21/05/14
R-Type DimensionsPS3Tozai Games21/05/14
Ruzzle AdventureiPhone, iPad21/05/14
TransistorPS4Supergiant Games21/05/14
Mugen Souls ZPS3Nippon Ichi22/05/14
Picross e43DS22/05/14
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing IIPCNeocore22/05/14
Tappy ChickeniPhone, iPad, AndroidEpic23/05/14
Tropico 5PCKalypso23/05/14
Final Fantasy IIIPCSquare Enix27/05/14
The Wolf Among Us : Episode 4 : In Sheep's ClothingPC, MacTelltale27/05/14
Watch DogsPS3, X360, PC, PS4, XB1Ubisoft27/05/14
A Story about my UnclePCCoffee Stain Studios28/05/14
Ace Combat : InfinityPS3Namco Bandai28/05/14
Borderlands 2PSV2K Games28/05/14
Kill the Bad GuyPC, Mac28/05/14
Knight SquadPCChainsawesome Games28/05/14
Lemmings TouchPSVSCE28/05/14
Mind ZeroPSVAksys28/05/14
MonochromaPCNowhere Studios28/05/14
Super Toy CarsMacSanuk Games28/05/14 
The Wolf Among Us : Episode 4 : In Sheep's ClothingX360, XB1Telltale28/05/14
Among the SleepPC, Mac29/05/14
Mario Golf3DSNintendo29/05/14
The Wolf Among Us : Episode 4 : In Sheep's ClothingiPad, iPhoneTelltale29/05/14
Mario Kart 8WiiUNintendo30/05/14
The Wolf Among Us : Episode 4 : In Sheep's ClothingPS3Telltale30/05/14
Worms BattlegroundsPS4, XB1Bandai Namco30/05/14
Kim Kardashian : HollywoodiPhone, iPad, Android31/05/14