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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Décembre 2013

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Star Wars The Old Republic - Galactic StarfighterPCE.A.03/12/13
DokuroiPad, iPhone, AndroidGungHo Works04/12/13
Les Chevaliers de Baphomet 5 : La Malédiction du Serpent (Episode 1)PC, MacRevolution Software04/12/13
StarboundPC, MacChucklefish04/12/13
The Cat LadyPCScreen Seven04/12/13
The Wolf Among Us : Episode 1 - FaithiPad, iPhoneTelltale04/12/13
3D Altered Beast3DSSega05/12/13
Assassin's Creed : PiratesiPad, iPhone, AndroidUbisoft05/12/13
Dark : Cult of the DeadPCKalypso05/12/13
Heroes of Dragon AgeiPad, iPhone, AndroidE.A.05/12/13
Liberation Maiden SINPS35pb.05/12/13 
NEO ScavengerPCBlue Bottle Games05/12/13
Sonic : The Hedgehog3DSSega05/12/13
SteamWorld DigPC, Mac05/12/13
Bravely Default3DSSquare Enix06/12/13
Color Zen KidsAndroid06/12/13
Gran Turismo 6PS3SCE06/12/13
Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary EditionPS3SCE06/12/13
Scribblenauts UnlimitedWiiU, 3DSWarner Bros. Games06/12/13
Shufflepuck Cantina DeluxePC, MacAgharta Studio06/12/13
Sonic DashAndroidSega06/12/13
Speedball 2 HDPCMastertronic06/12/13
Jelly GluttoniPhone, iPad, AndroidRoyal Cactus07/12/13
Fast & Furious 6 : le JeuiPhone, iPadKabam09/12/13
Peggle 2XB1PopCap09/12/13
GREGGiPad, iPhone, Android10/12/13
Real Madrid ImperivmiPad, iPhone10/12/13
The NovelistMac, PCKent Hudson10/12/13
Angry Birds Go !iPad, iPhone, Android, WinMobileRovio Mobile11/12/13
Doki-Doki UniversePSV, PS4HNS11/12/13
Europa Universalis IV : Conquest of ParadisePC, MacParadox Interactive11/12/13
Héros de CamelotiPad, iPhoneKabam11/12/13
Obscure ZoneiPad, iPhoneKabam11/12/13
RustPC, Mac11/12/13
TerrariaPSV505 Game Street11/12/13
Tiny BrainsPS4, PC505 Game Street11/12/13
3D Ecco The Dolphin3DSSega12/12/13
Basketball Pro Management 2014PCUmix12/12/13
Héros de CamelotAndroidKabam12/12/13
Not The RobotsPCTiny Build Games12/12/13
Pixel PiracyPC505 Game Street12/12/13
Rayman OriginsMacUbisoft12/12/13
RushWiiUTwo Tribes12/12/13
7 Days To DiePCThe Fun Pimps13/12/13
Fast & Furious 6 : le JeuAndroidKabam13/12/13
TeslagradPC, MacRain Games13/12/13
Wii Fit UWiiUNintendo13/12/13
Artemis : Space Bridge SimulatorAndroid16/12/13
Grand Theft Auto : San AndreasiPhone, iPad, AndroidRockstar Games16/12/13
Le Hobbit : Royaumes de la Terre du MilieuAndroid, iPad, iPhoneKabam16/12/13
Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag - Le Prix de la LibertéX360Ubisoft17/12/13
The Walking Dead : Season 2 - Episode 1 : All That RemainsPC, PS3, MacTelltale17/12/13 
Tomb Raider (original)iPhone, iPadEidos17/12/13
Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag - Le Prix de la LibertéPS3, XB1, PS4Ubisoft18/12/13
MinecraftPS3Mojang Specifications18/12/13
NES RemixWiiUNintendo18/12/13
The Walking Dead : Season 2 - Episode 1 : All That RemainsX360Telltale18/12/13 
Zen Pinball 2PS4SCE18/12/13
Cut the Rope 2iPhone, Android, iPadZeptoLab19/12/13
Dragon's Dogma QuestPSVCapcom19/12/13 
Knytt UndergroundWiiURipstone19/12/13
RepubliqueiPhone, iPad19/12/13
Shinobi III : Return of the Ninja Master3DSSega19/12/13
Sonic the Hedgehog (Original)3DSSega19/12/13
Streets of Rage3DS19/12/13
The Stanley ParableMacGalactic Cafe19/12/13
Max : The Curse of BrotherhoodXB1From Software20/12/13
Halo : Spartan AssaultXB124/12/13
Super Mario Bros. 33DS, WiiUNintendo26/12/13
DeemoAndroidRayark Games27/12/13
1954 : AlcatrazPCDaedalic2013
Adventure Time : Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know !PS3, X360D3 PublisherT4 2013
Age of EmpiresAndroid, iPhone, iPadMicrosoft2013
Alien SpidyPCKalypso2013
Ascend New GodsX3602013
Assassin's Creed III : La Tyrannie du Roi Washington - DéshonneurWiiUUbisoft2013
Assassin's Creed III : La Tyrannie du Roi Washington - La TrahisonWiiUUbisoft2013
Audiosurf AirPC2013
Back to BedPC, Mac, iPad, Android, Ouya2013
Batman : Arkham OriginsiPhone, iPad, AndroidWarner Bros. Games2013
Blade GuardianiPhone, iPadMistwalker2013
Blood KnightsX360, PCdtp Entertainment2013
Call of CookieiPhone, Android, iPad2013
Carmageddon : ReincarnationPC, X360, PS3Stainless Games2013
Chaos ChroniclesPCCoreplay2013
Command & Conquer : Generals 2PC, X360, PS3Microsoft2013
Core BlazePCGamania2013
Creatures OnlinePC, Mac, iPhone, iPadBigbenT4 2013
DAY ONEPCFocus2013
Demon TribeiPhone, iPadSega2013 
Dirty BombPCWarchest Games2013
DistancePC, Mac2013
Doki-Doki UniversePS3HNS2013
Dollar Da$hPCKalypso2013
Dragon Knights OnlinePCAeria Games2013
Eador : Masters of the Broken WorldPC2013 
Edge of TwilightX360n/c2013
Element4lPC, MacI-Illusions2013
else { Heart.break() }PC2013
Enslaved : Odyssey to the West - Premium EditionPC, PS3Namco Bandai2013
Fez IIPC, X360PolytronT4 2013
Final ExamPC, PS3, X360Focus2013
Final Fantasy IIIOuyaSquare Enix2013
Final Fantasy XI Online : Explorateurs d'AdoulinPC, X360Square Enix2013
FireFallPCRed 52013
FlashbackPS3UbisoftT4 2013
ForcedWiiU, Mac2013
FRACT OSCPC, MacRichard E. Flanagan2013
Frozen SynapsePS3Mode 72013
Fuel OverdosePCI-Friqiya2013
Girl FightX360, PS3MicroProseT4 2013
Go DanceiPhone, iPadSegaT4 2013
Gundam BreakerPSVNamco Bandai2013 
Halo : Spartan AssaultX36012/2013
HammerwatchPC, Mac2013
HellraidPC, PS3, X360n/c2013
Homeworld : ShipbreakersPC2013
I shall RemainPC2013
InnergyPC, MacUbisoft2013
Kayne & Lynch 3PS3, X360Square Enix2013
Kid Icarus UprisingWiiUNintendo2013
L'Oeil Noir : DemoniconX360, PC, PS32013
Les Chevaliers de Baphomet 5 : La Malédiction du Serpent (Episode 1)iPad, iPhone, Android, PSVRevolution Software12/2013
LocoCycleX360, XB12013
Lovers In A Dangerous SpacetimePC, MacAsteroid Base2013
MachinariumPSVMamba Games2013
Macross 30PS3Namco Bandai2013
Mage's InitiationMac, iPad, Android, iPhoneHimalaya Studios2013
Magical Drop VX360, PS32013
Magicka : Wizard WarsPCParadox Interactive2013
Merc ElitePCBigpoint2013
Metal Slug XiPhone, AndroidSNK Playmore2013 
Mew-GenicsPCTeam Meat2013
Might & Magic : Clash of HeroesAndroidUbisoft2013
Might & Magic RaidersPCUbisoft Chengdu2013
MinecraftPSVMojang Specifications2013
Mojow LocowWebUbisoft2013
Monaco : What's Yours is MinePCPocketwatch Games2013
Monster Hunter 43DSCapcom2013
Monster Hunter SmartiPhoneCapcomT4 2013 
Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full BurstPC, PS3, X360Namco BandaiT4 2013
Navy Field 2PCNexon2013
Ong-Bak Tri - The GameX360, PS3, PC2013
Over my Dead Body 2PSVSCE2013 
Panzer General OnlineWebUbisoft2013
PatternsPC, MacLinden Lab2013
Phantasy Star Online 2PC, PSV, Android, iPhone, iPadSega2013
Pier Solar HDPC, AndroidWatermelon12/2013
PixelJunk IncPC, Mac2013
Prime WorldPCNival Inc2013
Project Gotham Racing 5XB1MicrosoftT4 2013
Project ZPCShiroT4 2013
Q.U.B.E.WiiUToxic Games2013
RaiderZPCFrogster Interactive2013
Red Bull Crashed Ice KinectX360Red Bull Media2013
Ridge Racer DriftopiaPS3, PCNamco Bandai2013
Sanctum 2PS3Reverb Communications2013
Scarlet BladePCAeria Games2013
Scourge : OutbreakPC, PS32013
Secret PonchosX360, PS32013
Silent EnemyOuyaMinority2013
SplicePS3T4 2013
StasisPC, Mac2013
Super Hang-On3DSSega12/2013
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Depuis les OmbresPS3, PCActivision2013
Tekken Card TournamentiPhone, Android, WebNamco Bandai2013
Telepath TacticsPC, Mac2013
Tetrobot & Co.Mac, iPad, Android2013
The Amazing Spider-ManPSVActivisionT4 2013
The Moaning WordsPC, iPhone, AndroidT4 2013
Thomas Was AloneMac2013
Tiny BrainsX360, PS3, XB1505 Game Street12/2013
TrackMania² : ValleyPCUbisoft2013
Ultima Forever : Quest of The AvatarPCE.A.2013
Valhalla Knights : Eldar SagaPSVRising Star2013
VesselX360, PS3Zoo Games Inc.2013
VoodooiPad, iPhone2013
WalterPS3, X360, PC2013
Warrior's LairPSV, PS3SCE2013
WildfirePC, Mac2013
Worms FacebookFacebookTeam 172013
Worms Revolution ExtremePSVTeam 172013
ZombeerPC, PS3, X360Moonbite2013