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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Septembre 2013

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GunslugsAndroid, iPhoneAbstraction Games02/09/13
Brothers : A Tale of Two SonsPC505 Game Street03/09/13
Chaos CodePS3Arc System03/04/13 
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate : Core FightersPS3Tecmo03/09/13
Diablo IIIPS3, X360Activision Blizzard03/09/13
Franchise Hockey Manager 2014PC, Mac03/09/13
Total War : Rome IIPCSega03/09/13
Wargame : AirLand BattleMacFocus03/09/13
Brothers : A Tale of Two SonsPS3505 Game Street04/09/13
Castle of Illusion starring Mickey MouseX360, PS3, PCSega04/09/13
Farming Simulator 2013PS3, X360Focus04/09/13
Hatsune Miku : Project Diva FPS3Sega04/09/13
Killzone : MercenaryPSVSCE04/09/13
LEGO Legends of Chima : Le Voyage de LavalDSWarner Bros. Games04/09/13
2K DriveiPad, iPhone2K Games05/09/13
Call of Duty : Strike TeamiPad, iPhone05/09/13
Uta no Prince Sama : Music 2PSPBroccoli05/09/13 
Dead or Alive 5 UltimatePS3, X360Tecmo06/09/13
Shufflepuck Cantina DeluxeiPad, iPhoneAgharta Studio07/09/13
Amnesia : A Machine for PigsPC, MacFrictional Games10/09/13
Escape Goat 2PCMagical Time Bean10/09/13
Game Of Thrones : The 8 bit GamePC10/09/13
Les Sims 3 : Cinéma Kit d'ObjetsPC, MacE.A.10/09/13
Metro : Last LightMacDeep Silver10/09/13
Duck Tales RemasteredX36011/09/13
Aarklash : LegacyPCCyanide12/09/13
ArmA IIIPC12/09/13
Brothers Conflict : Brilliant BluePSPOtomate12/09/13 
Metal Gear Solid : The Legacy CollectionPS3Konami12/09/13
Rayman LegendsPSVUbisoft12/09/13
Huntsman : The OrphanagePC13/09/13
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIXPS3Square Enix13/09/13
Legend of DungeonPC, Mac13/09/13
NHL 14PS3, X360EA Sports13/09/13
The Elder Scrolls AnthologyPCBethesda13/09/13
The King of Fighters XIIIPCSNK Playmore13/09/13
Volgarr the VikingPC13/09/13
Winter Voices Complete PackPC, MacInner seas13/09/13
Artemis : Space Bridge SimulatorPC, iPad17/09/13
Grand Theft Auto VX360, PS3Rockstar Games17/09/13
MechWarrior OnlinePCInfinite Game Pub17/09/13
Dragon's ProphetPCInfernum18/09/13
FootLOLPC, Mac18/09/13
Foul PlayPC, X360Devolver Digital18/09/13
Ironclad TacticsPC, MacZachtronics Industries18/09/13
Urban Trial FreestylePCTate Interactive18/09/13
Angry Birds Star Wars IIiPad, iPhone, Android19/09/13
Cognition - Episode 4 : The Cain KillerPC, Mac19/09/13
Disney InfinityPS3, X360, WiiU, PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, WiiDisney IS19/09/13
Naya's QuestPC19/09/13
PES 2014PS3, X360, PCKonami19/09/13
Angry Video Game Nerd AdventuresPCIndé20/09/13
Devil Summoner : Soul Hackers3DSAtlus20/09/13
Doorways : Chapter 1 & 2PC, Mac20/09/13
Euro Truck Simulator 2 : Going EastPCAnuman Interactive20/09/13
Takedown Red SabrePC, X360505 Game Street20/09/13
Batman Arkham BundlePS3, X360Warner Bros. Games23/09/13 
Castle StoryPCSauropod Studios23/09/13
Day One : Garry's IncidentPC23/09/13
Frozen SynapsePSVMode 723/09/13
FIFA 14iPhone, iPad, AndroidEA Games25/09/13
Lone SurvivorPSV, PS3superflat games25/09/13
Call of Duty : Black Ops II - ApocalypsePS3, PCActivision26/09/13
Dragon Quest XPCSquare Enix26/09/13 
FIFA 14PS3, X360, PCEA Games26/09/13
Giana Sisters : Twisted Dreams - Rise of the OwlverlordPCBlack Forest26/09/13
Musou Orochi 2 UltimatePSV, PS3Tecmo Koei26/09/13 
Shadow WarriorPCDevolver Digital26/09/13
Shadowrun ReturnsiPad, AndroidHarebrained Schemes26/09/13
Table Ice HockeyPS3SCE26/09/13
Train Simulator 2014PC26/09/13
Alien RagePCCity Interactive27/09/13
Armored Core : Verdict DayPS3, X360Namco Bandai27/09/13
Disgaea D2 : A Brighter DarknessPS3Nippon Ichi27/09/13
Inazuma Eleven 3 Feu Explosif3DSLevel-527/09/13
Inazuma Eleven 3 Foudre Céleste3DSLevel-527/09/13
Rise of VenicePCKalypso27/09/13
Secret Files : Sam PetersPCDeep Silver27/09/13
The Inner WorldPC, Mac, iPad, iPhoneHeadup Games27/09/13
Aaru's AwakeningPC, MacT3 2013
Age of Wonders IIIPCT3 2013
Alien RagePS3, X360City Interactive09/2013
Cloudberry KingdomPC, PSV, PS3, WiiUUbisoftT3 2013
EarthboundWiiNintendoT3 2013
FightbackAndroid, iPad, iPhoneE.A.T3 2013
Flappy BirdiPad, iPhoneIndé09/2013
Flipnote Studio 3D3DST3 2013
PES 2014PSPKonamiT3 2013
Runescape 3WebT3 2013
Sengoku Basara 4PS3CapcomT3 2013 
Spartacus LegendsPS3UbisoftT3 2013
Star CommandAndroidWar Balloon GamesT3 2013
StormMac, MacEko Software,Neko EntertainmentT3 2013
The Wolf Among Us : Saison 1PC, iPad, iPhone, PSVTelltaleT3 2013
Worms 3iPhone, iPadTeam 17T3 2013