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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Octobre 2011

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Triple TownFacebook, Google+Spry Fox, LLC01/10/11
God HandPS3Capcom04/10/11 
Maximo : Ghosts to GloryPS3Capcom04/10/11 
NBA 2K12iPhone, iPad2K Sports04/10/11
Odin SpherePS3, PS3Atlus,Square Enix04/10/11 
Ring of RedPS3Konami04/10/11 
SEGA Bass FishingX360Sega04/10/11
Arc the LadPS3SCE05/10/11
Chô AnikiPS3NCS Corporation05/10/11 
NBA Jam : On Fire EditionPS3, X360EA Sports05/10/11
Orcs Must Die!X360Microsoft05/10/11
SEGA Bass FishingPS3Sega05/10/11
Space Channel 5 Part 2X360, PS3Sega05/10/11
AKB1/48 Idol To Guam to Koi shitaraPSPNamco Bandai06/10/11 
Extreme Hangman 2DSiGamelion Studios06/10/11
PowerUp HeroesX360Ubisoft06/10/11
Trenches : GeneralsWiiThunder Game Works06/10/11
Dark SoulsPS3, X360Namco Bandai07/10/11
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2DSSquare Enix07/10/11
My Body Coach 2Wii, PS3Bigben07/10/11
NBA 2K12PS3, X360, Wii, PSP, PC, PS22K Sports07/10/11
RagePC, PS3, X360, MacBethesda07/10/11
Rune Factory OceansWiiMarvelous24/02/11 
Succès au primaire : Power MathsWiiTivola07/10/11
We DanceWiiNordic Games07/10/11
MinecraftPSPhoneMojang Specifications10/10/11
Just Dance 3X360, WiiUbisoft11/10/11
Kinectimals : Now with Bears !X360Microsoft11/10/11
Castlevania : Harmony of DespairPS3Konami12/10/11
Guardian HeroesX360Sega12/10/11
Orcs Must Die!PCMicrosoft12/10/11
Scribblenauts RemixiPhoneWarner Bros. Games12/10/11
The Blackwell DeceptionPCWadjet Eye Games12/10/11
Class of Heroes : FinalPSPAcquire13/10/11 
Just Dance WiiWiiNintendo13/10/11 
Might & Magic Heroes VIPCUbisoft13/10/11
Red Orchestra 2 : Heroes of StalingradPC1C13/10/11
SquidsiPad, iPhoneThe Game Bakers13/10/11
WRC 2PC, X360, PS3Black Bean13/10/11
5, rue Sésame : Il était un monstreX360Warner Bros.14/10/11
Ace Combat : Assault HorizonPS3, X360Namco Bandai14/10/11
Cities XL 2011PCFocus14/10/11
Dead Rising 2 : Off the RecordX360, PS3, PCCapcom14/10/11
Forza Motorsport 4X360Microsoft14/10/11
Jonah Lomu Rugby ChallengePS3, X360, PCHome Entertainment Suppliers14/10/11
Red Dead Redemption : Edition Jeu de l'AnnéeX360, PS3Rockstar Games14/10/11
Renegade OpsPCSega14/10/11
Skylanders - Spyro's AdventureWii, X360, PS3, PC, 3DSActivision14/10/11
Spider-Man : Aux Frontières du TempsPS3, X360, PC, DS, 3DS, WiiActivision14/10/11
The Cursed CrusadePC, PC, X360, X360, PS3, PS3Atlus,dtp Entertainment14/10/11
X-Men : DestinyWiiActivision14/10/11
Aéroport Simulator 2011PCUIG Entertainment15/10/11
Ambulance Simulator 2011PCUIG Entertainment15/10/11
Bûcheron Simulator 2011PCUIG Entertainment15/10/11
Chasse-neige Simulator 2011PCUIG Entertainment15/10/11
Family FarmPCIceberg Interactive15/10/11
Remorquage Simulator 2011PCUIG Entertainment15/10/11
Transports routiers Simulator 2011PCUIG Entertainment15/10/11
Travaux routiers Simulator 2011PCUIG Entertainment15/10/11
Tunnels Simulator 2011PCUIG Entertainment15/10/11
SprinkleiPhone, Android, iPadMediocre17/10/11
Deus Ex Human Revolution : Le chaînon manquantX360, PCSquare Enix18/10/11
OkabuPS3Hand Circus18/10/11
Beat Hazard UltraPS3Cold Beam Games19/10/11
Bejeweled 3X360PopCap19/10/11
DanceStar PartyPS3SCE19/10/11
Deus Ex Human Revolution : Le chaînon manquantPS3Square Enix19/10/11
Dungeon DefendersPC, X360Epic19/10/11
Ratchet & Clank : All 4 OnePS3SCE19/10/11
Rocketbirds : Hardboiled ChickenPS3SCE19/10/11
Worms Crazy GolfPC, iPhone, iPadTeam 1719/10/11
Batman : Arkham CityPS3, X360Warner Bros. Games20/10/11
Bike BaroniPhone, iPadMountain Sheep20/10/11
Cities XL 2012PCFocus20/10/11
FIFA Manager 12PCE.A.20/10/11
Les Aventures de Tintin : Le Secret de la LicornePS3, X360, PC, 3DS, Wii, AndroidUbisoft20/10/11
Les Sims 3 : Animaux et compagnieX360, PS3, PC, 3DS, MacE.A.20/10/11
Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasa Hybrid PackPS3Namco Bandai20/10/11 
PayDay : The HeistPCDaybreak20/10/11
Pyramids3DSEnjoy Gaming20/10/11
Angry BirdsPC21/10/11
Dance Central 2X360MTV Games21/10/11
Football Manager 2012PC, MacSega21/10/11
Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja ImpactPSPNamco Bandai21/10/11
Tetris 3DS3DSTetris Co.21/10/11
Centipede : InfestationWiiAtari25/10/11 
Daytona USAX360Sega25/10/11
Les Aventures de Tintin : Le Secret de la LicorneiPhone, iPadUbisoft25/10/11
Michael Phelps : Push the LimitX360505 Game Street25/10/11
Stronghold 3PCSouthpeak25/10/11
inFAMOUS 2 : Festival of BloodPS3SCE26/10/11
PixelJunk SideScrollerPS3SCEE26/10/11
SingStar Back To The 80sPS3SCEE26/10/11
The War of the WorldsX360, PS326/10/11
Zombie Apocalypse : Never Die AlonePS3, X360Konami26/10/11
Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer RearmediPad, iPhone27/10/11
Battlefield 3PC, PS3, X360E.A.27/10/11
Battlefield 3 : Back to KarkandPS3, PCE.A.27/10/11
Disgaea 4 : A Promise Unforgotten Append DiscPS3Nippon Ichi27/10/11 
Disney UniversePS3, X360, Wii, PC, MacDisney IS27/10/11
Final Fantasy Type-0 HDPSPSquare Enix27/10/11 
MetalStorm : WingmaniPad, iPhoneZ2Live27/10/11
MotionSports AdrenalineX360Ubisoft27/10/11
NCISPC, 3DS, PS3, Wii, X360Ubisoft27/10/11
Ragnarok : Hikari to Yami no MikoPSPGungHo Works27/10/11 
RokyubuPSPKadokawa Games27/10/11 
Ski Region Simulator 2012PCAstragon Software27/10/11
Take On HelicoptersPC27/10/11
Terror of the StratusPSPKonami27/10/11 
The Idolmaster 2PS3Namco Bandai27/10/11 
BlackwaterX360505 Game Street28/10/11
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate TenkaichiPS3, X360Namco Bandai28/10/11
Kinect Sports Season 2X360Microsoft28/10/11
Kirby Mass AttackDSNintendo28/10/11
The House of the Dead : Overkill Extended CutPS3Sega28/10/11