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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Août 2011

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Pirates of Black CovePCParadox Interactive02/08/11
Warhammer 40.000 : Kill TeamPS3THQ02/08/11
Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetX360Fuelcell03/08/11
Jewel Quest IV : HeritageDSTradewest03/08/11
The King of Fighters '95PS3SNK03/08/11
All Kamen Rider : GenerationDSNamco Bandai04/08/11 
Chaos CodeArcadeArc System04/08/11 
Final Fantasy Tactics : The War of the LionsiPhone, iPadSquare Enix04/08/11
Fishing ResortWiiXSEED Games04/08/11 
Half-Minute Hero SecondPSPMarvelous04/08/11 
Hatsune Miku : Project Diva - Dreamy Theater 2ndPS3Sega04/08/11 
Let's make a J.League Pro Soccer Club ! 7PSPSega04/08/11 
Nazo Waku Yakata3DSCapcom04/08/11 
Temple RuniPhone, iPadImangi Studios04/08/11
Boulder Dash-XLPCKalypso05/08/11
Ragnarok VioletiPhone, iPadNEO-CYON, Inc05/08/11 
TraumaPC, MacIndé08/08/11
Tiny Token EmpiresMacBiP Media09/08/11
3D Classics TwinBee3DSKonami10/08/11 
Fruit NinjaX360Halfbrick10/08/11
Monster Hunter Diaries : Airu Village GPSPCapcom10/08/11 
Enigmes & Objets Cachés : Le Tour du Monde en 80 Jours 2PCMicro Application11/08/11
Enigmes & Objets Cachés : Stray SoulsPCMicro Application11/08/11
Ghost Whisperer : ShadowlandsPC11/08/11
NyxQuestiPad, iPhoneChillingo11/08/11
Flick Tennis : College WarsiPadRolocule Games12/08/11
Pheasants Forever : WingshooterWiiGame Mill Entertainment12/08/11
Age of Empires OnlinePCMicrosoft16/08/11
BastionPCWarner Bros.16/08/11
MinecraftAndroidMojang Specifications16/08/11
From DustPCUbisoft17/08/11
Medal of Honor : En première lignePS3E.A.17/08/11
Toy Soldiers : Cold WarX360Microsoft17/08/11
Growlanser IV : Over ReloadedPSPAtlus18/08/11 
Les Sims SocialFacebookE.A.18/08/11
Country DanceWiiGame Mill Entertainment19/08/11
Xenoblade ChroniclesWiiNintendo19/08/11
Blocks That MatterPC, MacSwing Swing Submarine20/08/11
Art of fighting 3 : The Past of the WarriorWiiD4 Enterprise23/08/11 
Call of Duty : Black Ops - RezurrectionX360Activision23/08/11
Devil Survivor Overclocked3DSAtlus01/09/11 
Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike Online EditionPS3Capcom23/08/11
Les Secrets de la Famille Flux : La Galerie SecrètePCJust For Games24/08/11
Street Fighter III : 3rd Strike Online EditionX360Capcom24/08/11
Black Rock Shooter : The GamePSPNIS America25/08/11 
Contre JouriPhone, iPadChillingo25/08/11
Dynasty Warriors 7 SpecialPSPTecmo Koei Holdings25/08/11 
King Arthur : Fallen ChampionsPCParadox Interactive25/08/11
Mechanic Master 2DSPQube25/08/11
Mobile Suit Gundam : New Gihren's GreedPSPNamco Bandai25/08/11 
Monster Hunter Portable 3rdPS3Capcom25/08/11 
Samurai Warriors 3 EmpiresPS3Koei25/08/11 
Steins ; GateiPad5pb.25/08/11 
Deus Ex : Human RevolutionPC, PC, PS3, PS3, X360, X360Square Enix,Eidos26/08/11
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions3DSNamco Bandai26/08/11
Royal TroublePCTradewest26/08/11
Rugby World Cup 2011PS3, X360505 Game Street26/08/11
Gatling GearsPCEA2D30/08/11
Madden NFL 12PS2, PSP, WiiE.A.30/08/11 
Elevator Action DeluxePS3Square Enix31/08/11
Mortal Kombat : Arcade KollectionPS3, X360, PCWarner Bros. Games31/08/11
Need For Speed : Hot PursuitPSPhoneE.A.08/2011
Rock of AgesX360Atlus31/08/11
The BaconingPC, X360, PS3Hothead Games31/08/11