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A wedding dress and unusual vintage fashion reminiscent of the legendary Twenties? We offer clothes Ruche: Long skirt, or maybe short bodice decorated and Shoulder, large flowers and embroidery for fashion of the past years.
With short dress but do not intend to knee black junior bridesmaid dresses, but the ankle, typical length of those years, or short to mid-thigh. In skirts, it appears much the fashion of the past with skirts falling swollen, supported by tulle.

The shoes are on display as well as ankles. The shoulders are bare, the bodice to the heart and fabric of sprouting flowers and decorations. And if you want a shawl can be found in the classic Twenties.
There is no lack hats and gloves perfectly in tone and theme. All strictly in white even if there are some patterns in pearl gray or pink candy clear.
There is a dress, you can be found in the gallery, so special and typical that resembles a sort of nightgown, but that in the past was very strong. It is found even in the movies. It costs little more than seventy dollars.
The most expensive dress comes to eight hundred and fifty US dollars, but they found a lot less, but the average is about half. Are eighteen in all models and have the names of women, you find them for sale on the site ruffles.

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