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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Décembre 2020

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12 MinutesXB1, PCMicrosoft2020
After the FallOculus, PC, Oculus, PS VRVertigo Games2020
Age of Empires IVPCMicrosoft2020
Ary And The Secret of SeasonsPC, PS4, Switch, XB1Modus Games2020
Assassin's Creed ValhallaPC, PS4, XB1, XBS, PS5, STADIAUbisoftT4 2020
Astro's PlayroomPS5Sony IET4 2020
B.ARKSwitchTic Toc GamesT4 2020
Babylon's FallPS4, PCSquare Enix2020
BattletoadsXB1, PCMicrosoft2020
Beyond a Steel SkyiPhone, iPad, PS4, XB1, SwitchRevolution Software2020
Beyond Good & Evil 2PS4, XB1Ubisoft2020
BiomutantPC, PS4, XB1Nordic Games2020
Blade Runner : Enhanced EditionPC, PC, XB1, XB1, PS4, PS4, Switch, SwitchAlcon Entertainment,Night Dive Studios2020
Blood Bowl IIIn/cBigben2020
Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2PS4, XB1, PC, SwitchInti Creates2020
Bookbound BrigadePC, PS4, SwitchIntragames2020
Bounty BattlePC, SwitchMerge Games2020
Boyfriend DungeonSwitchKitfox Games2020
Bravely Default IISwitchNintendo2020
Bright Memory InfiniteXBSFYQD2020
BugsnaxPS5, PS4, PCYoung HorsesT4 2020
BushidenPC, PS4, SwitchPixel Arc2020
Bust-a-Move FrenzyArcade2020 
Call of the SeaXBS, PC, XB1Raw FuryT4 2020
ChapeauSwitch, PCSalt Castle2020
ChicoryPC, MacGreg Lobanov2020
Children of Morta : Uncharted LandsPS4, XB1, PC, Switch11 bit studios2020
Chivalry 2PC, PS5, PS4, XB1, XBSTorn Banner Studios2020
Circuit SuperstarsPS4, XB1, PC, SwitchSquare Enix2020
CloudpunkPS4, Switch, XB1ION LANDS2020
Control : AWEPC, PS4, XB1505 Game Street2020
Crossfire XXB1Xbox Games Studios2020
Crusader Kings IIIPCParadox Interactive2020
Crysis RemasteredPS4, XB1, PC, SwitchCrytek2020
Cuphead : The Delicious Last CourseXB1, PC, Mac, SwitchMDHR2020
Cyber ShadowPS4, PC, XB1, SwitchYacht Club Games2020
Deathmatch ClubPC2020 
Digimon SurvivePS4, Switch, XB1, PCBandai Namco2020
Disc RoomPCDevolver Digital2020
Disco ElysiumPS4, XB1ZA/UM2020
Do Not Feed The MonkeysSwitchAlawar2020
DOOM EternalSwitchBethesda2020
Dragon Quest XWebSquare Enix2020 
Drake HollowXB1, PCXbox Games Studios2020
Dungeons & Dragons : Dark AlliancePC, PS4, XB1Wizards of the Coast2020
Dying Light 2XB1, PS4, PCTechland2020
EastwardPC, SwitchChucklefish2020
Edge of EternityPS4, XB1Midgar Studio2020
Elden RingPS4, PC, XB1Bandai Namco2020
Eldest SoulsPC, SwitchUnited Label2020
Enter the Gungeon : House of the GundeadArcadeDevolver Digital2020
Evil Genius 2 World DominationPCRebellion2020
Facebook HorizonOculusOculus2020
Fall Guys : Ultimate KnockoutPS4, PCDevolver Digital2020
FIFA 21XBS, PS5E.A.2020
Fights in Tight SpacesPCMode 72020
Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm RebornPS5Square Enix2020
Frictional Games New Project (non annoncé)PCFrictional Games2020
Fugue on the BattlefieldPS4, PC, Switch, XB1CyberConnect22020 
Gears TacticsXB1Microsoft2020
Genshin ImpactPC, Android, iPhone, iPad, PS4, SwitchmiHoYo2020
GhostrunnerPC, PS4, XB1All in! Games2020
GleamlightSwitch, PS4, XB1, PCD3 Publisher2020
GodfallPS5, PCGearbox PublishingT4 2020
Gods & MonstersPS4, XB1, Switch, PC, STADIAUbisoft2020
GONNER 2PC, PS4, XB1, SwitchRaw Fury2020
Gran Turismo 7PS5SCET4 2020
Granblue Fantasy : RelinkPS4Cygames2020
Half-Life Boreal AlyphPCKeep Away From Fire2020
Handball 21PS4, XB1, PCNACONT4 2020
HavenPC, PS4, Switch, PS5The Game Bakers2020
Hazelnut BastilleSwitch2020
Heart Forth, AliciaPC, PS4, PSV, SwitchChucklefish2020
Help will come TomorrowPC, PS4Klabater2020
Hokko LifePCRobert Tatnell2020
HumanityPS4Enhance Games2020
I AM DEADSwitchAnnapurna Interactive2020
Impostor FactoryPCFreebird GamesT4 2020
InmostPC, SwitchChucklefish2020
Iron DangerPC, Mac, PS4, XB12020
JETT : The Far ShorePC, PS4, PS5T4 2020
KartRider DriftPC, XB1Microsoft2020
Kena : Bridge of SpiritsPS5, PCEmber LabT4 2020
La-Mulana 1 & 2PS4, XB1, SwitchNIS America2020
Langrisser I & IISwitch, PS4, PCNIS America2020
Last StopXB1Annapurna Interactive2020
League of Legends : Wild RiftiPhone, AndroidRiot,Riot Forge2020
League of Legends Esports ManagerPCRiot2020
LEGO Star Wars : La Saga SkywalkerPS4, XB1, PC, SwitchWarner Bros. Games2020
Les Aventures de Tintin (Nom provisoire)PCMicroïdsT4 2020
Little Nightmares 2PS4, XB1, PC, Switch2020
Lost Words : Beyond The PagePC, PS4, XB1, Switch, STADIAModus Games2020
Madden NFL 21XBS, PS5EA Sports2020
Marvel's Spider-Man : Miles MoralesPS5Sony IET4 2020
Medal of Honor : Above and BeyondPC, OculusRespawn Entertainment2020
MetamorphosisPC, PS4, XB1, Switch2020
Microsoft Flight SimulatorPC, XB1Microsoft2020
Midnight Ghost HuntPCVaulted Sky Games2020
Mission Impossible ArcadeArcadeSega2020
Monument Valley 3iPhone, AndroidUstwo2020
Naraka : BladepointPCNetEase2020
NecrobaristaMac, Switch, PS42020
New Pokémon SnapSwitchNintendo2020
Night CallPS4Raw Fury2020
No More Heroes 3SwitchMarvelous Entertainment2020
Octopath Traveler : Champions of the ContinentAndroid, iPadSquare Enix2020 
Orcs Must Die! 3STADIARobot Entertainment2020
Outlaws of the Old WestPCWandering Wizard2020
OutridersPS4, XB1, PC, PS5, XBSSquare EnixT4 2020
Overwatch 2PS4, XB1, PCBlizzard2020
Path of the Midnight SunPC, SwitchStudio Daimon12/2020
Pathfinder : Wrath of the RighteousPCOwlcat Games2020
Peaky Blinders VRPCMaze Theory2020
Per AsperaPC2020
Pigeon SimulatorPCBossa studios2020
Planet CoasterXB1, PS4, PS5, XBSFrontier Developments2020
Psychonauts 2PS4, PS4, XB1, XB1, PC, PCDouble Fine,Starbreeze2020
Puzzle & Dragons GoldSwitchGungHo Online Entertainment2020 
Quantum LeaguePCNimble Giant EntertainmentT4 2020
R-Type Final 2PS4Irem12/2020
Rainbow Six QuarantinePS4, PC, XB1Ubisoft2020
Red Faction EvolutionPCNordic Games2020
Remnant : From the Ashes - Swamps of CorsusXbox, PS4Perfect World Co., Ltd.2020
ReturnalPS5HousemarqueT4 2020
Rogue CompanyPS4, Switch, XB1, PCHi-Rez2020
RokiPCUnited Label2020
RPG Time : The Legend of WrightXB1, PC, Android, iPhone, iPadDesworks2020
Ruined King : A League of Legends StoryPCRiot Forge2020
SablePC, Mac, XB1, PS4Raw Fury2020
Sackboy : A Big AdventurePS5SCE2020
Sail ForthPC, Switch, XB1, PS4Quantum Astrophysicists Guild2020
Samurai Shodown : NeoGeo CollectionPCSNK2020
Scarlet NexusXB1, XBS, PS5, PS4, PCBandai NamcoT4 2020
ScourgeBringerPC, SwitchDear Villagers2020
Second ExtinctionXB1, XBS, PCSystemic ReactionT4 2020
Senua's Saga : Hellblade IIXBSNinja TheoryT4 2020
Shakedown HawaiiWiiU2020
SkateBIRDSwitch, PCGlass Bottom Games2020
Skull & BonesPS4, PC, XB1Ubisoft2020
Sky : Children of the LightPS4, XB1, PC, Androidthatgamecompany2020
Sniper Elite 5 (titre provisoire)n/cRebellion2020
Sniper Elite VR (titre provisoire)n/cRebellion2020
Solasta : Crown of the MagisterPCTactical Adventures2020
Someday You'll ReturnPS4, XB1CBE Software2020
Sonic the Hedgehog 2SwitchSega2020 
Space Channel 5 VR : Kinda Funky News Flash!HTC Vive, OculusSega2020
SpellbreakPC, PS4Proletariat2020
SpiritfarerPC, XB1Thunder Lotus Games2020
Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks)STADIAHerringbone Games2020
Star CitizenPCCloud Imperium2020
Star Wars : Tales from the Galaxy's EdgeOculusILMxLAB2020
Star Wars Jedi Knight : Jedi AcademySwitchLucasArts2020
Starship Troopers : Terran CommandPCSlitherine Software2020
Stranger Things 3 : The GamePS4, XB1, PC, Switch2020
StrayPS5Annapurna InteractiveT4 2020
SuccubusPCMadmindT4 2020
Super Punch-Out !!SwitchHamster2020
System ShockPC, XB1, PS4Night Dive Studios2020
The AscentPC, XBS, XB1Curve Digital2020
The Elder Scrolls : BladesSwitchBethesda2020
The King of Fighters XVPS4, XB1SNK2020
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 (nom provisoire)SwitchNintendo2020
The MediumXBS, PCT4 2020
The Suicide of Rachel FosterPS4, XB1Daedalic2020
The SurvivalistsSwitch, PS4, XB1, PCTeam 172020
The Wolf Among Us 2PS4, PC, XB1Athlon Games2020
Tokyo 2020 Olympics : The Official Video GamePS4, Switch, PC, XB1Sega2020
Torchlight IIIPC, PS4, XB1Perfect World Co., Ltd.2020
Total War : ELYSIUMPC, iPhone, AndroidSega2020
Total War Saga 2 (nom provisoire)PCSega2020
Twin MirrorPC, PS4, XB1Bandai Namco2020
Vampire : The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2PC, PS4, XB1, XBS, PS5Paradox Interactive2020
Watch Dogs LegionPS4, XB1, PC, STADIAUbisoft2020
Werewolf : The Apocalypse - EarthbloodPC, PS4, XB1Focus2020
Wooden NickelPCBrain&Brain2020
WRC 9PS5, XBS, SwitchNACONT4 2020
Yakuza 7 : Like a DragonPS4, XBSSegaT4 2020