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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Juin 2019

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Persona Q2 : New Cinema Labyrinth3DSAtlus04/06/19
Warhammer : ChaosbanePC, XB1, PS4Bigben04/06/19
TokiPS4, XB1, PCMicroïds06/06/19
Octopath TravelerPCSquare Enix07/06/19
Tropico 6XB1Kalypso07/06/19
Collection of ManaSwitchSquare Enix11/06/19
Bloodstained : Ritual of the NightPS4, XB1, PC505 Game Street18/06/19
Vacation SimulatorPS VRVALVe18/06/19
Leisure Suit Larry : Wet Dreams Don't DryPS4, SwitchAssemble Entertainment19/06/19
My Friend PedroSwitch, PCDevolver Digital20/06/19
Steel Division 2PCEugen Systems20/06/19
Yo-Kai Watch 4SwitchLevel-520/06/19 
Bloodstained : Ritual of the NightSwitch505 Game Street21/06/19
Crash Team Racing : Nitro FueledPS4, XB1, SwitchActivision21/06/19
Les Sims 4 : Iles ParadisiaquesPC, MacE.A.21/06/19
Heavy RainPCSCE24/06/19
Mutant Year Zero : Road to EdenSwitchFuncom25/06/19
Samurai ShodownPS4, XB1SNK25/06/19
We. The RevolutionSwitch, PS4, XB1Polyslash25/06/19
Fort BoyardPS4, PC, Switch, MacMicroïds27/06/19
The Sinking CityPC, PS4, XB1Frogwares27/06/19
F1 2019PS4, XB1, PCKOCH28/06/19
Super Mario Maker 2SwitchNintendo28/06/19
Cadence of Hyrule - Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of ZeldaSwitchSpike Chunsoft Co. LtdT2 2019
Children of MortaPC, PS4, XB1, Switch11 bit studios06/2019
Contra Anniversary CollectionPS4, XB1, PC, SwitchKonamiT2 2019
Dance Central VR, Oculus, PCHarmonixT2 2019
Final Fantasy XV Episode II : Lunafreya - The Choice of FreedomPS4, PC, XB1Square EnixT2 2019
Five Nights At Freddy's VR : Help WantedPS4, PS VR, HTC Vive, Oculus, PCSteel WoolT2 2019
Hellblade : Senua's SacrificeSwitchNinja TheoryT2 2019
Mario Kart TouriPhone, iPad, AndroidNintendoT2 2019
To the MoonSwitchT2 2019
TokiMacMicroïdsT2 2019
Virtua RacingSwitchSegaT2 2019 
Yakuza 5 RemasterPS4SegaT2 2019