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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Décembre 2018

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The Elder Scrolls : BladesAndroid, iPhone, iPadBethesda01/12/18
Gwent : The Witcher Card GameXB1, PS4CDPR04/12/18
Just Cause 4PC, PS4, XB1Avalanche,Square Enix04/12/18
Monster Boy and the Cursed KingdomPC, PS4, XB1, SwitchFDG Entertainment04/12/18
Persona 3 Dancing Moon NightPS4, PSVAtlus04/12/18
Persona 5 Dancing Star NightPS4, PSVAtlus04/12/18
The Last RemnantPS4Square Enix06/12/18
Super Smash Bros. UltimateSwitchNintendo07/12/18
Dragon : Marked for DeathSwitchInti Creates13/12/18
Borderlands 2 VRPS VRGearbox Software14/12/18
Dragon Quest Builders 2PS4, SwitchSquare Enix20/12/18 
A Plague Tale : InnocencePC, PS4, XB1Focus2018
Age of Empires IVPCMicrosoft2018
Animal FarmPC2018
ANNO 1800PCUbisoft2018
Another EdenSwitchWright Flyer Studios2018 
AntigraviatorXB1, PS4, PCIceberg Interactive2018
Ape OutPCDevolver Digital2018
Aqua Moto Racing UtopiaWiiUZordix2018
ARK : Survival EvolvedSwitchStudio Wildcard2018
Ascent : Infinite RealmPCKakao Games2018
Assetto Corsa CompetizionePC505 Game Street2018
Atomic HeartPC, PS4, XB1Mundfish2018
Avengers : Infinity WarCinémaMarvel Studios2018
Baba Is YouPCArvi Teikari2018
Back in 1995Switch, PS4, PSV, XB12018
Battlefleet Gothic : Armada 2PCFocus2018
Beat SaberPS4, PS VRHyperbolic Magnetism2018
Bee SimulatorPC, PS4, XB1, SwitchVarsav Game Studios2018
Black Cover Project KnightsPC, PS4Bandai Namco2018
BlackroomPCT4 2018
Blacksad : Under the SkinPS4, XB1, Switch, PC, MacMicroïds2018
Blazing ChromePCThe Arcade Crew2018
Blossom TalesPCFDG Entertainment2018
Bow To BloodPS VRSCE2018
BrawloutPS4, XB1Angry Mob2018
Castlevania : Grimoire of SoulsiPad, iPhoneKonami2018 
ChernobylitePCThe Farm 512018
Children of MortaPC, PS4, XB111 bit studios2018
Command & Conquer RivalsiPhone, Android, iPadE.A.T4 2018
Contagion VRPC, Oculus, HTC ViveMonochrome2018
Cuisine RoyalePCGaijin Distribution KFT2018
Darksiders IIIXB1, PS4, PCNordic Games2018
Darwin ProjectPC, XB1Scavengers Studio2018
Dead CellsXB1Motion Twin2018
Death StrandingPS4Kojima Productions2018
Devil May Cry : Pinnacle of Combatn/cCapcom2018 
Digimon Story : Cyber Sleuth Hacker's MemoryPS4, PSVBandai Namco2018
DJ Max RespectPS4Sony IE2018 
Dragon Ball LegendsiPhone, AndroidBandai Namco2018
Dragon Ball Z : Bucchigiri MatchWeb, iPhone, AndroidBandai Namco2018 
Dragon Ball Z XKeeperZPCBandai Namco2018
Dream Match Tennis VRPS VRBimboosoft2018
Dulac & Fey : Dance of DeathPC, XB1, PS42018
Dying Light : Bad BloodPS4, PC, XB1Warner Bros.2018
EA Star Wars (Nom provisoire)PS4, XB1, PCElectric Dreams2018
EgressPC, PS4, XB12018
Erica - PlayLinkPS4Sony IE2018
EuropaAndroidHelder Pinto2018
EVERSPACESwitchRockfish Games12/2018
EvolutionPCDalas Review2018
Fear Effect ReinventedPS4, XB1, PCSquare Enix2018
Fear the WolvesPC, PS4, XB1Focus2018
FirewatchSwitchCampo Santo Studio2018
FirmamentPC, HTC Vive, OculusCyan Worlds2018
Fork Parker's Crunch OutSNESDevolver Digital2018 
Framed CollectionPC, SwitchLoveshack2018
Gear.Club Unlimited 2SwitchMicroïdsT4 2018
Generation ZeroPS4, XB1, PCAutumn Moon2018
Ghost of a TaleXB1SeithCG2018
Ghostbusters WorldiPhone, AndroidSony Pictures2018 
God Eater 3PS4, XB1Bandai Namco2018
Granblue Fantasy Project Re : LinkPS4PlatinumGames2018
GrandiaPC, PCESP,GungHo Online EntertainmentT4 2018
Grandia + Grandia II HD RemasterSwitchGungHo Online EntertainmentT4 2018
GreedFallPC, PS4, XB1Focus2018
GrisPC, SwitchDevolver Digital2018
Halo 6 (titre provisoire)XB1Microsoft2018
Harry Potter : Wizards UniteiPad, iPhone, Android, XB1, PS4Warner Bros.2018
Heart Forth, AliciaPC, PS4, PSV, WiiUChucklefish2018
IndivisiblePS4, XB1, PC, Mac, Switch2018
Ingress PrimeiPad, iPhone, AndroidNiantic2018
Killer7PCCapcomT4 2018
Laser LeaguePC, PS4, XB1505 Game Street2018
LEGO Les IndestructiblesPS4, PC, Switch, XB1Warner Bros. Games2018
Leisure Suit Larry : Wet Dreams Don't DryPC, MacAssemble EntertainmentT4 2018
Life is Strange - Episode 4 : Dark RoomiPadDONTNOD2018
Life is Strange - Episode 5 : PolarizediPad, iPhoneDONTNOD2018
Mario Kart TouriPhone, iPad, AndroidNintendo2018
MediEvilPS4Sony IE2018
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2PC, PS4, Switch, XB1Capcom2018
Metal Wolf Chaos XDXB1, PS4, PCDevolver Digital2018
My Memory of UsSwitchIMGN.PROT4 2018
One Piece : World SeekerPS4, XB1, PCBandai Namco2018
Ori and the Will of the WispsXB1, PCMicrosoft2018
Patapon 2PS4SCE2018
Phoenix PointPCSnapshot Games2018
Project PhoenixPC, Android, PS4, PSVCIA2018
R-Type DimensionsPC, SwitchTozai GamesT4 2018 
Radiant Historia : Perfect Chronology3DSAtlus2018
Rick and Morty : Virtual Rick-alityPS VRAdult Swim Games2018
ScarfPCNordic GamesT4 2018
Scorn Part 1 of 2 : DaseinPCEbb Software2018
Shin Megami Tensei SwitchSwitchAtlus2018
Skull & BonesPS4, PCUbisoft2018
Sonic the Hedgehog (Original)SwitchSega2018 
SOS The Final Escape 4 Plus : Summer MemoriesPS4Irem2018 
South Park : L'Annale du Destin - Une Nuit à la Casa BonitaSwitchUbisoft2018
Super Meat Boy ForeverSwitch, PC, PS4, XB1, iPad, iPhone, AndroidTeam Meat2018
Tales of CrestoriaAndroid, iPhone, iPadBandai Namco2018 
Team Sonic RacingPS4, XB1, SwitchSega2018
The Banner SagaSwitchVersus Evil2018
The Banner Saga 2SwitchVersus Evil2018
The Bard's Tale IV : Barrows DeepPS4, XB1InXile2018
The Council Episode 4PS4, XB1, PCFocus2018
The Council Episode 5PS4, XB1, PCFocus2018
The Elder Scrolls : LegendsSwitch, PS4, XB1Bethesda2018
The ForestPS4EndnightT4 2018
The Last of Us Part IIPS4SCE2018
The Legend of Bum-boPC, iPhoneNicalis Inc.2018
The Sacred HeroSwitch, PCSiMPLiSTiC2018
The Shapeshifting DetectivePS4, XB1, Switch, PCWales InteractiveT4 2018
The Spectrum RetreatPC, PS4, XB1Ripstone2018
The Surge : A Walk in the ParkPC, XB1, PS4Focus2018
The Walking Dead - A Telltale Series : Saison 3PS4, PC, XB1, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPadTelltale2018
The Walking Dead : Our WorldAndroid, iPhone, iPadNext Games2018
The Wolf Among Us - Saison 2PS4, XB1, PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhoneTelltale2018
Thunder Force IVSwitchSega2018 
Titan QuestSwitchTHQ2018
Tropico 6PC, PS4, XB1Kalypso2018
UndertaleSwitchToby Fox2018
Unruly HeroesPC, XB1, PS4, SwitchMagic Design Studios2018
V-Rally 4SwitchBigben2018
Valkyrie Profile : LennethPS4Square Enix2018 
Warhammer : Vermintide 2PS4, XB1Fatshark2018
We. The RevolutionPC, MacPolyslash2018
Werewolf : The ApocalypsePCFocus2018
Westworld VRHTC ViveHBO2018
Witchfiren/cThe Astronauts2018
Yakuza OnlineiPhone, iPad, Android, PC2018