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Sorties de jeux vidéo en Octobre 2012

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Party WaveAndroidMistwalker01/10/12
Resident Evil 6PS3, X360Capcom02/10/12
War of the RosesPCParadox Interactive02/10/12
Hell Yeah! La Fureur du Lapin MortPS3, PC, X360Sega03/10/12
Samurai BeatdownPSPhone, PSVSCE03/10/12
Sonic Adventure 2X360, PS3Sega03/10/12
Anno 2070 : En Eaux ProfondesPCUbisoft04/10/12
Anno OnlineWebUbisoft04/10/12
Battlefield 3 : Armored KillPC, PS3, X360E.A.04/10/12
He-Man : The Most Powerful Game in the UniverseiPad, iPhoneChillingo04/10/12
Just Dance 4PS3, X360, WiiUbisoft04/10/12
Liberation Maiden3DS04/10/12
Portal 2 : Peer ReviewPC, Mac, PS3, X360VALVe04/10/12
Sol TriggerPSPImageEpoch04/10/12 
Summon Night 3PSPBanpresto04/10/12 
Dragon Ball Z For KinectX360Namco Bandai05/10/12
NBA 2K13PS3, X360, PSP, PC2K Sports05/10/12
NiGHTS : Into Dreams...PS3, X360Sega05/10/12
SevencorePCWebzen Dublin06/10/12
DishonoredX360, PC, PS3Bethesda09/10/12
Retro City RampagePC09/10/12
Spy HunterPSVWarner Bros.09/10/12
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 - Collection 4 : Final AssaultPS3, PCActivision10/10/12
Chaos RingsAndroidSquare Enix10/10/12
Derrick the DeathfinPS3Different Tuna10/10/12
Harry Potter pour KinectX360Warner Bros. Games10/10/12
The Walking Dead : Episode 4 - Around Every CornerPS3, X360, PC, MacTelltale10/10/12
Worms RevolutionPC, PS3, X360Team 1710/10/12
Bravely Default : Flying Fairy3DSSquare Enix11/10/12 
Hana Samurai : Art of the Sword3DSNintendo11/10/12
Of Orcs and MenPC, X360, PS3Focus11/10/12
Euro Truck Simulator 2PCAnuman Interactive12/10/12
Fable : The JourneyX360Microsoft12/10/12
Pokémon Dream Radar3DSNintendo12/10/12
Pokémon Version Blanche 2DS, DSPokémon Company,Nintendo12/10/12
Pokémon Version Noire 2DS, DSNintendo,Pokémon Company12/10/12
WRC 3PC, PS3, X360Black Bean12/10/12
XCOM : Enemy UnknownPC, X360, PS32K Games12/10/12
Crazy Cars Hit the RoadiPhone, Mac, Android, iPadAnuman Interactive15/10/12
Le Seigneur des Anneaux Online : Les Cavaliers du RohanPCCodemasters15/10/12
Chivalry : Medieval WarfarePCTorn Banner Studios16/10/12
Edna & Harvey : Harvey's New EyesPC, MacDaedalic16/10/12
Mark of the NinjaPCMicrosoft16/10/12
The Unfinished SwanPS3SCEE16/10/12
NBA 2K13Wii2K Sports17/10/12
Serious Sam 3 : BFEX36017/10/12
Zombie Driver HDX360, PS3, AndroidActivision17/10/12
Danball Senki WPSP, PSVLevel-518/10/12 
Hidden RunawayiPhone, iPadBulkypix18/10/12
RavagedPC2 Dawn Games18/10/12
Sonic JumpiPad, iPhone18/10/12
The Legend of Heroes : Zero no KisekiPSVFalcom18/10/12 
007 LegendsPS3, X360, PCActivision19/10/12
Dance Central 3X36019/10/12
Doom 3 BFG EditionPC, PS3, X360Bethesda19/10/12
Euro Truck Simulator 2MacAnuman Interactive19/10/12
Oddworld : Munch's Oddysee HDPS3Oddworld19/10/12
Skylanders GiantsWii, PS3, X360, PC, 3DSActivision19/10/12
Street Fighter X TekkenPSVCapcom19/10/12
A Game of DwarvesPS3, PCParadox Interactive23/10/12
Giana Sisters : Twisted DreamsPCBlack Forest23/10/12
Hotline MiamiPCDevolver Digital23/10/12
Dark Souls : Prepare to Die EditionPS3, X360Namco Bandai24/10/12
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core PlusX360PQube24/10/12
Killzone HDPS3SCE24/10/12
Killzone TrilogyPS3SCE24/10/12
AKB48 + Me3DSKadokawa Games25/10/12 
Farming Simulator 2013PCFocus25/10/12
FIFA Manager 13PCE.A.25/10/12
Medal of Honor : WarfighterPC, X360, PS3E.A.25/10/12
The Idolmaster Shiny Festa : Funky NotePSPNamco Bandai25/10/12 
Forza HorizonX360Microsoft26/10/12
King's Bounty : Warriors of the NorthPC1C Company26/10/12
LuciusPCLace Mamba Global26/10/12
Professeur Layton et le Masque des Miracles3DSLevel-526/10/12
Super Monkey Ball Banana SplitzPSVSega26/10/12
IHF Handball Challenge 12PCNamco Bandai28/10/12
Chrono TriggerAndroidSquare Enix29/10/12
Guns of Icarus OnlinePC29/10/12
Primal CarnagePC29/10/12
Darksiders II : la Forge abyssalePS3THQ30/10/12
Okami HDPS3Capcom30/10/12
Sleeping Dogs : Nightmare in NorthpointPC, X360, PS3Square Enix30/10/12
Assassin's Creed IIIPS3, X360Ubisoft31/10/12
Assassin's Creed III : LiberationPSVUbisoft31/10/12
Borderlands LegendsiPad, iPhoneGearbox Software31/10/12
Darksiders II : la Forge abyssaleX360, PCTHQ31/10/12
Need For Speed Most WantedPS3, X360, PC, PSVE.A.31/10/12
Painkiller : Hell & DamnationPCNordic Games31/10/12
PidX360, PC31/10/12
Ratchet & Clank : QForcePS3SCE31/10/12
Smart as...PSVn/c31/10/12
Sports Champions 2PS3SCE31/10/12