Patch de Guerre

Company of Heroes se DirectX 10
Par Nourdine Nini - publié le

Eh oué : parfois les patchs, ça a du bon. Celui de Company of Heroes, qui permet entre autresde "renderiser" le jeu en version DirectX 10 (à condition de posséder le PC adéquat avec Vista et surtout la carte graphique qui va biengue), semble tout indiqué pour faire quelques heureux. Ce STR de guerre, plébiscité par George Bush himself, nous propose donc le path en question (version 1.70) à cette adresse précise, pour 13 Mo seulement. En voici les "features", et tant pis pour les anglophobes ! 

DX10 Features

- Edges of particles are softened where intersecting 3D objects.
- Thousands of additional "litter" objects in the world 
- Improved user control over anti aliasing settings. 
- Alpha to coverage anti aliasing to improve quality of alpha test objects such as shrubs. 
- Lighting quality has improved by moving all calculations per pixel. 
- More precise point light calculations. 
- Point lights can now cast shadows. 
- 3D short grass on the terrain. 
- Vertical refresh synchronization is enabled by default to improve visual quality by preventing tearing of the display image, use "-novsync" to disable. 
- Hardware PCF for improved shadow quality. 

Other Fixes

- Various crash fixes.
- Improved hack detection.


- Axis Pak38 50mm accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been reduced. 
- Allied M1 57mm AT gun accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been reduced. 
- Certain Infantry Antitank weapons (bazookas, panzerschrecks, recoilless rifles) accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been reduced. 
- Attack ground functionality was removed from the 234 Armored Car to fix issues enabling it to fire through shot-blocking objects. 
- Tank and armoured car weapon types can no longer one-shot kill 234/Puma Armoured car and M8 Armoured Cars.

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