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Richard Mille family ushered in the Italian star chef Carlo Cracco independent watch brand Richard Mille announced that it will establish a partnership with the Italian star chef Carlo Cracco. Carlo Cracco is Italy's top gourmet, worked in two Michelin three-star restaurant, is currently serving as the Italian version of "Top Chef" judge.

Carlo Cracco in 1986 and is considered the founder of modern Italian cuisine Gualtiero Marchesi working, he began his career. After, Carlo Cracco moved to France, he has joined Alain Ducasse restaurant (Alain Ducasse) and Lucas Cartons restaurant, hone their cooking skills and learn advanced French system of law.

In 1991, he returned to Italy as a Michelin three-star restaurant - Florence Enoteca Pinchiorri restaurant's chef.richard mille bubba watson replica.1996 Cracco decided to open his own restaurant Le Clivie in Piobesi D'Alba, a year after the restaurant won the first Michelin star. Cracco 2000 was a turning point in his career, he accepted the invitation Stoppani family's invitation to become the new joint venture company Cracco-Peck chef. In 2001, his dream came true, the Michelin two-star restaurant was granted, and won major awards in Italy Gambero Rosso "red shrimp" magazine. Since 2012, Cracco Cracco-Peck as the chief chef of the restaurant, invited to serve as judges the Italian version of Italian state television show "Top Chef" program.

As a new member of the family of Richard Mille, Carlo Cracco choose to wear RM 11-01 Flyback Chronograph Roberto Mancini watch. The watch has a chronograph function 60 minutes, 12 hours timer function and calendar functions. Its titanium metal case that can withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress, can be well adapted to the harsh environment in the replica watches

Carlo Cracco said: "I am particularly curious to watch, especially when complicated watches in the kitchen, with a chronograph watch has a reliable function is absolutely essential kitchen steam, kitchen utensils and other metals for watches for both. potential risks, which is to have a reason for having a reliable watch timing function. I believe Richard Mille perfectly meet these challenges. "

Richard Mille Europe, Peter Harrison, president of the Middle East and Africa commented:. "We exquisite cuisine of Carlo Cracco admiration has long, I really like to eat his food and his innovative approach to cooking, but also never forget . This is an Italian tradition and Richard Mille watch concept is very close: the traditional bold innovation while not forgetting the Advanced tab of Carlo Cracco We are very pleased to be joining our family. "