Warp Zone :: une vie à jouer

Warp Zone :: une vie à jouer

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Vie(s) et mort(s) d'un joueur depuis 198X.

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Warp Zone : n.f. Littéralement zone de distorsion, lieu permettant de déplacer le joueur dans ou sur plusieurs niveaux.



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2ème édition de cette revue de presse, avec un ré-équilibrage des articles en anglais et en français... Bonne lecture !


En Français

Le Monde : Des jeux "hardcore" sur Facebook ?

Jouer à un jeu de stratégie, voire à un jeu de rôle massivement multijoueurs... sur Facebook ? Portés par Playfish, Playdom, mais surtout Zynga, les jeux sociaux comptent des dizaines de millions d'utilisateurs. Mais si certains titres peuvent être addictifs, les mécaniques de jeux proposées par Farmville ou Cityville sont en général plus que basiques. Est-ce dire que seuls des jeux "simples" peuvent rencontrer le succès sur le réseau social créé par Mark Zuckerberg ? Les usagers de Facebook sont-ils condamnés à dépenser leur monnaie virtuelle (mais bien réelle) dans des titres aux graphismes enfantins ?

2 articles sur Super Meat Boy :

Gaming since 198X : Les mécaniques de Super Meat Boy
Jeu totalement zinzin, Super Meat Boy m'a fait renouer avec des sentiments et des méthodes de jeu longuement abandonnées et que je ne croyais jamais voir revenir, voici quelques exemples.
ZePlayer : Pourquoi Super Meat Boy est perfectible...
Plus la difficulté est légère, plus la punition est lourde, et réciproquement. De là, Super Meat Boy incarnerait un "extrême" en la matière : la difficulté se fait incroyable, mais la punition est médiocre, puisqu'il n'y a pas de compteur de vies, et que l'on reprend de façon quasi-instantanée au début du stage après un décès ce qui est une des principales qualités qui font de ce jeu un succès indéniable, et un chef d'oeuvre de l'histoire du genre.(...) Mais les choses changent pour les fameuses warp-zones dont je parlais plus haut. En effet, elles se composent, pour les "classiques" de trois stages et d'un seul, plus vaste, pour les glitch zones. Seulement, on ne possède pour chaque stage que de trois essais. Trois morts, et... on retourne à la carte. Sans autre punition. La warp-zone est encore accessible, le pourcentage ne descend pas, rien du tout. On appuie donc sur la touche "entrée", et on recommence la zone.

OWNI : Le gameplay, médium du prochain siècle ?
La même question se pose pour le jeu vidéo. Car le jeu vidéo, avant d'être le seul vrai support « multimedia », pour employer le terme le plus galvaudé de tous les temps, est d'abord un jeu. Un défi tactique ou physique. Pas loin, au fond, du jeu du cowboy et des indiens auquel jouent Quick et Flupke dans un terrain vague. Créer un jeu , c'est créer un univers, c'est-à-dire des règles, des lois. Se prendre pour Dieu. Mais ces règles, à part contraindre et pousser à la performance, peuvent-elles servir à exprimer quelque chose, à transmettre du sens ?

Gamocracy : Quand le gamer a peur...
Le joueur galonné a beau avoir terrassé au lance pierre des titans, des robots atomiques et toutes les armées du monde, il lui avoir arrive encore parfois, au détour d'un couloir trop obscur, d'avoir les mains moites, le bide en miette et l'envie de lâcher la manette. Bref, d'avoir grave les chocottes. Prenant son courage - et le pad - à deux mains, la Gamocratie a affronté tous les survival horrors de la planète pour vous révéler les cinq lois qui régissent la peur.


En anglais

Neogaf : High difficulty and the end game - a relic of old design?
This is something we've seen in gaming for as long as games have featured an ending. It definitely makes sense; you spend the entire game slowly building up experience and skill sets while the game increases the challenge to meet your new set of abilities. Games that rely heavily on skill based play benefit from this design. With something like Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden, anything less than the most demanding battles on the tail end would have been a disappointment. There are a lot of games today that focus more on delivering an experience to the player and this type of design often leaves the player disappointed and frustrated

Bit Player: Home Again
Videogames take us places. They do a lot of other things too, of course; they entertain us, challenge us, pit us against one another in brutal competition, tell us stories, let us make music and give us the tools to build amazing things. But for now, for my first column here at Paste, I wanted to talk about the places they take us-the epic voyage and the long journey home.

Interfaces : 2 articles sur l'utilisabilité des interfaces de nos chères consoles
EDGE : Drowning By Numbers
Think about it for a second. All of the demos and downloadable games you've acquired; music and photos you've ripped to your hard drive; the movies you've downloaded: the more of it there is, the harder it becomes for you to quickly and easily access it. And when you're trying to find something new to enjoy, it's relatively simple if you already know what you're looking for... and a bit of a pain if you don't.

Turtle Log : The PlayStation's Interface Sucks

The PlayStation 3 has been updated many times since it was released. Some of these updates have brought refinements to the interface. Yet still, the interface doesn't come close to being intuitive or easy to use.


1up : NGP - Why Angry Birds Will Be More Important for Sony Than Uncharted
And trust me, games like Uncharted will be rare. Back in 2005, developers went to the Nintendo DS in droves because it was cheaper to develop games for the thing (and later, it had a much larger install base too). In this day and age, with games like Angry Birds selling millions, do you think EA will drop a few million dollars on a handheld AAA project?

Halo: Reach writer - "We're not serving half our audience"
I'll freely admit, as sensitive a dude as I am, this didn't become a concrete issue for me until I started seeing how much more excited my kid got when there was a girl onscreen she could identify with. She asks for "girl songs," "girl movies" and "girl games."  Why shouldn't she have that? I had that as a kid."

Making Crash Bandicoot - part 1
We called it the "Sonic's Ass" game. And it was born from the question: what would a 3D CAG be like? Well, we thought, you'd spend a lot of time looking at "Sonic's Ass." Aside from the difficulties of identifying with a character only viewed in posterior, it seemed cool.

Gamasutra : Nintendo's Fils-Aime: Low-Priced Mobile Games Among 'Biggest Risks' To Industry

"Angry Birds is a great piece of experience," he said, "but that is one compared to thousands of other pieces of content that for one or two dollars I think create a mentality for the consumer that a piece of gaming content should only be $2."(...) "think[s] some of those games are actually overpriced at $1 or $2, but that's a different story."

Futurismic : Heavy Rain: Free Will and Quick Time Events
Quick time events not only have a questionable heritage as a mechanic, they also feel like a betrayal of the tacit social contract between developers and gamers. People play video games in order to control the action on screen, but quick time events reduce the level of this control to particular buttons at particular times.

Ars Techinca : L. Ron Altman: Why Dead Space 2 is a direct attack on Scientology
The mythology of Dead Space is centered on a religion called Unitology. The church actively recruits members, solicits money from its followers, and worships an alien artifact called "the Marker," with an aim to bring about the "convergence" or "unification." It's a large part of a Dead Space world, which spans DVDs, games, and books. It's also uncomfortably close to another, real-world religion.

Pour finir en beauté

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted time.
Well, John Lennon said that.

And it's definitely true regarding our entertainment. Listening to music, watching films or playing video games is not a waste of time - at all. In reality, it's incredibly important to the human condition.
That's why even in the past when times were rough, people always found a way of entertaining themselves. We need to just relax and have fun every once in a while, without thinking about work, our families or other responsibilities.

Great entertainment that another human being or a group of people meticulously crafted in order to entertain us is a gift and we should value it as that.

Bonne semaine à tous.

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