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Experienced pilots almost exclusively in long straight back to adopt the method of direct observation through the window, the rest most of the time are using the rearview mirror astern!

This is because normally in the body is the most need to be aware of while backing side low obstacles, the ground sinks, these from the window to see!To cope with such "sinister" environment, must rely on the rearview mirror.In addition to observe in the rearview mirror, reverse, don't need to go back, so easy to take into account the dynamic car, car scratching obstacles is not easy to happen.How to play the rearview mirror, understand their respective characteristics, will make you get twice the result with half the effort.

Passenger side mirror is a convex mirror with small curvature, reflects the scope is broad, but there is no real sense of distance, in the rear view mirror monitor scenery looks far than actual situation.In addition, because the deformation of scenery is in the mirror, to use the mirror to determine whether a car and roadside parked parallel also more difficult.

The mirror is the main use of the observed when reversing the right side of the car body if there is any obstacle, tires from running distance, etc.To a clear understanding on the right side of the road, sometimes it can also be the Angle of the mirror while reversing recalibrated (part of the more advanced sedan this side rearview mirror is with gearbox linkage, as long as a hanging into the reverse gear, automatically cut 10-15 degrees).

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