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Voici une ROM que j'utilise mtn depuis quelques semaines sur mon Desire, elle est très fluide, rapide et stable. Un régal!

2.3.2 Changelog:Oxygen 2.3.2
Gingerbread 2.3.7
STABLE Kernel -
Added battery controls for brightness & sound in status bar power widget
Added compact carrier
Added croation dictionary
Added option to turn off volume button music controls
Added swipe-to-clear notifications
Decreased bootup time
Improved lock screen animation
Improved media scanner, now scans all external volumes (/emmc & /sdcard)
Removed FM support

Extras: MildWild V-4.2
*Flac Support
*FM Support
*Camera ICS
*ice cream theme
*XperiaArc Launcher
*Some Widget`s
*File Explorer
*Google Weather
*Voice Dialer
*Swipe to Clear Notifications
*Default Keyboard ICS theme
*New Torch
*latest thalamus kernel with mod by alex
*T9 dialer
*MVPS hosts file to block ads, banners, etc.
*Ice Cream Sandwich Calculator2
*Ice Cream Sandwich Music Player 4.0

*2 way call recording
*KSM support
*Battery saving by reducing wifi scan interval etc
*Better performance
*Better battery life
*Faster database access
*Flac Support
*IO performance
*Hardware rendering
*Decrease dialing delay
*improve overall touch responsiveness
*improve scrolling responsiveness
*3G signal tweaks
*Fix some application issues
*Disable blackscreen issue after a call
*hitting the volume rocker will not wake phone
*button lights on when screen is on
*Some RAM tweak´s
*Many more....


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Bonjour à tous,

Je vous présente la nouvelle version de la ROM Android que j'utilise actuellement sur mon HTC Desire, il sagit de RunnyMede 6.0 !

Cette ROM est basée sur la version stock d'HTC pour le Sensation XL (Sense 3.5 et Android 2.3.5), optimisée le mieux possible pour tourner sur le Desire.

ROOT, S-Off et partition 1Go EXT4 sur SD OBLIGATOIRE !!

Liens & Info, cliquez sur l'image:

N'hésitez pas à donné vos retours si vous la testez :D

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