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PvP is a very important part in elder scrolls online, and the alliance war is the most excited and fiercest. It takes an essential role in taking control of the throne and crowning an emperor from your own alliance, which can be a great honor. While using siege weapons can greatly enhance the opportunity to capture keeps around the Imperial City.

Siege weapons include:
Battering Ram, which is used only against Keep doors and gates, not players. Because it moves slowly, you’d better deploy it near the gates, and one gate allows only one ram being deployed with a maximum players of six inside it.
Trebuchets, which is mainly to deal damage to walls, sometimes against doors and enemies. A Trebuchet needs a player to operate.
Catapults, mainly used against enemies, sometimes against walls and doors. There are kinds of this weapon and they can either disease enemies, or burn or snare them.
Ballista, which can be used against anything, but is the most effective in destroying other siege weapons.
Flaming Oil, which is for defending gates against rams, and in special places inside a keep, they can be used to against those enemies who have destroyed doors.

Usually siege weapons are bought from a merchant with eso gold or alliance points. And they will be in your inventory. But they need to be in the quick slots to be put into use. A holding of Q button and dragging and dropping will do it. All the weapon has “health”, which means how it is damaged. But they can be repaired. Just use a repair kit (buy it from the same merchant). Similarly, there are repair kits for walls and doors.

You should notice that the same keep allows limited number of siege weapons deployed near it. And before you join the alliance war, make sure you have at least one siege weapon so that there won’t be a situation that your alliance has no machines or very few machines, and remember to use them. Usually more weapons will fast destroy the targets.

Every member should be contribute to his alliance so that it’s more possible to take up a keep and win the war. So start it from buying some siege weapons. Enjoy it!

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Warrior is the preferred class in Wildstar. With a power sword, he smashes everything in his way. With an arm cannon, he can close distances. His brute force determines he is good at generating threat and bringing damages. The power sword and arm cannon also make him kind of a nuclear-powered Swiss Army knife attached to a pro wrestler whose moves are set from 1980s wrestling.

Warrior is a mix of tank and dps. There are many skills they can use to attack the enemies including assault skills, support skills and utility skills. When applying those skills, there is always the best time and the best chance. If you miss the time or cast in an inappropriate time, what you have done is in vain, further more, you will consume stamina. So these tips may help you catch the time:

First, quickly learn how to make use of interrupts such as Wallop and Kick and gap closers such as Leap and Plasma Whip. These are for better controlling enemies.

Second, a warrior's many abilities have the same effect. So having a sound knowledge of the direction they are heading to can maximize their capabilities with their different abilities.

Third, don't constantly stand in the red though the warrior is tough. This will lead to its death. Moving at the right time to save the warrior from a lot of dangers during combat and make the healers doing their job easily.

Fourth, learn how to adequately manage Agro on the move.

Fifth, thoroughly understand and know the right time to use many of the powerful abilities that come with a cool down timer to increase the efficiency in combat.

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